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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Craft Time!!

My boyfriend is coming up this weekend. He asked me if I want to do anything in particular and I said I want to make a craft. I didn't have any ideas at first, and neither did he. I got thinking about what is in town and decided we would go to this place where you can paint your own ceramic. I have done it before, I made a piggy bank. Well actually it was shaped as a school bus. But that is what we are doing this weekend as one of our dates.

What sort of thing do you like doing on dates that are relatively inexpensive? I always enjoy crafts and he is always willing to go along with me, as long as they are not too girly :)

Things we have done: colouring contests from the grocery store (free and no we didn't enter), watercolour painting (initial costs were about $10 for paper, watercolour paint and brushes), painted birdhouses (about $30 (cost for the birdhouse, or pirate ship birdhouse in his case, and several acrylic paints), friendship bracelets (about $2 for a bunch of colours), dipped candles and made our own candles from coloured wax (it was about $1 per dipped candle and we chose nice jars for the coloured wax ones so they were about $6 each). I think that's basically all the crafty things we have done together, suggestions?? He wants to make a big abstract art painting on canvas together to put up when we get our own place like the couple from the e-harmony commercials have done.

What are your favourite date ideas? Or fun craft ideas that you enjoy?


  1. Do you enjoy sports at all? Something fun I used to do WAY back was find out where the local kids hockey leagues were playing and go watch a game. It was free back then, probably free now and so much fun to watch the kids play (especially the 5 year olds). Another fairly cheap night is your local OHL team, if you have one close by. Tickets for ours are about $14 each.

    My crafty hobby is scrapbooking...it doesn't have to be expensive and more and more guys are starting the hobby. You could start with a small scrapbook kit and chronicle your relationship.

  2. I scrapbook. Iy can be expensive but if you just watch for sales and shop at certain stores, it's so fun!

  3. Oh yes, I scrapbooked the first year of our relationship almost 5 years ago. Was a lot of work although I did enjoy it! I have a lot of things leftover from then so I will have to get into it again.