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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Called It Off

.....I'll be back in a few days. Not going on the trip anymore, just can't.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

5 Days!!!

Eeeeeeee 5 more days until the big trip. I'm so unprepared for it!! I have this weekend and Wednesday to pack. My mom is going to drive me to TO on Wednesday evening to meet up with BF and his family.

Wednesday I'm also going to pack and get my hair done. My hair appointment is not until 3 and it usually takes 3 hoursish. My mom got a pricing card last time she was there and did you know for them to straighten your hair it's an extra $10? When they ask me on Wednesday if I would like it straightened I'm going to say no. Sheesh I can do that for free. I'm going to get it cut to my shoulders and get partial highlights. I'm excited!

It's also my birthday next week. I'll be 25, a quarter of a century. My mom had me when I was 25. I'm still living at home at 25. Times have a changed. I have already received a few b-day gifts. My parents gave me a pair of summer pajamas. My roommate gave me a book about sewing. My other roommate gave me some Dutch chocolates, a keychain with mini clogs (so cute!), some stickers and a pack of cards. I think I will take them on our trip.

I think this next week is going to fly by. At least I hope it does.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Funny Things Kids Say

I have been teaching kindergarten for the past few days. They are just so cute! They have said many funny things but I thought I would share a couple of things with you that I actually remember:

I read the book "Put Me In A Book" by Robert Munsch. It's about this little girl who gets stuck in a book and her classmates try different things to get her out. While reading the book, this one SK says "I was once trapped in a book.....for two days."

While on the playground a little girl was digging a hole. I told her that she should dig to Hawaii. Another SK was listening to me say this to her and tells me that he once dug to Florida and it was fun being there. He was totally serious when telling me this.
While in the classroom this SK tells me that she once went to Florida. I asked her when she went and she says "Oh, about 10 years ago." This little girl is 5.

Yesterday there was a JK who had an accident in the bathroom. I got her a change of clothes and she washed up. Then I called the principal and asked for a mop to the kindergarten bathroom. He asks "code yellow?" Yep! They also have code brown which I'm sure you can guess what that means, and code green for vomit :S Lovely.

Today I was teaching about community helpers (police officers, firefighters, teachers, doctors, etc). At the end I asked each kid what they wanted to be when they grew up. A lot of dance teachers and police officers, and one FIRE HYDRANT! I think he meant firefighter :)

They are so cute, glad I'm there for 5 more days!

Monday, June 21, 2010

So Close!

Almost done that pesky family loan! I have $200 left on it now. With full-time work from now until the end of the school year I think I will even be able to manage paying it off as soon as we get back from our trip. Woohoo!

Then I'll be able to move onto the next financial goal...TFSA and RRSP.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Working The Rest Of The School Year!

I am going to be teaching Kindergarten until the end of the school year yay! I have already taught in that class the past 3 days. Now I will be teaching in that class for the rest of the year...only 7 more days left but I'll take it! Kindergarten is one of my favourite grades to teach as well.

The teacher is SUPER nice. An ideal kindergarten teacher. She fell in the classroom and while trying to avoid landing on a student she broke her arm. It's pretty hard to teach kindergarten without the use of an arm (can you do up my shoes, can you open my pudding, etc). Her doctor recommended that she take 6 weeks off from work. Poor girl! She called me today at home telling me this and asked if I would be interested in taking her position for the rest of the year.

No report cards and I get to teach kindergarten daily for the rest of the year? YAY!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unemployed This Summer, Employment Insurance??

I am going to be unemployed this summer. It will be the first summer since I was about 11. I babysat until I was legal to start working. However this summer because of the trip and only having two months off before I am back to teaching leaves me with no job.

I doubt anyone would hire me for 4 weeks but I think I still will try in August. The rec-centre where I have worked for the past 5.5 summers is only hiring people who are still in school so that they can get some sort of grant for hiring students. So they won't hire me if I apply back.

I am thinking about applying for EI. I have never done this before but I've heard several supply teachers talk about this. However, I am going on a trip and I'm not sure if I will even get anything back because I will not be able to look for work at that time. I was also considering taking a course this summer and I don't know if I will qualify if I register for the course.

I don't even know HOW to apply if I decide to. Do you think it's worth trying to apply? Do you have any knowledge about EI conditions (i.e. taking a vacation)? Have you ever applied for it before?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Avoiding Unnecessary Spending At The Mall

The mall is a fun and social place where you can meet up with your friends. It is a place to mingle, shop, and eat. Although the mall is an enjoyable place, some people get lost in spending and tend to waste their money on unnecessary merchandise. When in the mall, it is important to be aware of what you buy and the total amount of money you spend.

Priorities are something everyone needs to have in check. If you are the type of person that doesn't have a strong grip on your priorities then you should stay away from the mall altogether. For example, if you are in serious debt, drowning in payday loans that you need to pay off, or are saving up for something important like a car or a house, then the mall is not the place for you to be.

Using cash is one way you can save money at the mall. Instead of using a card set aside a specific amount of money that you are willing to spend on your trip to the mall. Once your cash runs out, you know it is time to stop spending. This little trick gives you a benchmark of how much you are willing to spend at the mall whereas credit cards tend to cause people to be unaware of their spending.

Another thing to do before you go to the mall is to make a list. Before you go to the mall have a list of the things you need. If you are looking for a particular shirt, go to the mall for the sole purpose of getting that shirt. Pretend it’s a mission and you must get that shirt without wasting time buying other unnecessary things. If you know exactly what you want to purchase at the mall it makes putting aside the right amount of cash easier. For example, you know you want to purchase a graphic tee from your favorite store and that the shirt runs for approximately $20. If you know this information you can bring enough money give or take a couple dollars to buy this shirt. Once you buy the shirt you have no more money to spend, which means shopping for that day has come to an end.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you save money and not get lost in the abundance of unimportant things that fill the mall. As long as you have your priorities in check and you go to the mall for a specific purpose, you can avoid overspending in the mall and ultimately save money for more important things.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goal Update!

How are those 2010 goals doing??

Well let's have a look...


Pay off the $5000 I owe to my family (I have $700 left....but this will likely take me until October since I won't be working this summer) Almost there.

Contribute $4000 to TFSA (I'm at $1750, I really hope to be able to complete this but we will see. However I did contribute $1500 to my E-fund. When I first made these goals I was going to say my TFSA was also my E-fund and now they are separate). Almost there.

Save at least $500 for Christmas (I'm already at $850 for this. But this is including birthdays and I want to get something nice for BF and his family this year so am going to continue adding little bits to it). Check!

Start and contribute $1000 to Retirement (Currently at $0 on this one, hope to get $1000 after the Family Loan is paid off). Failing so far.

Make an additional $2010 in ways other than teaching (Getting there, I need a little more than $300 to complete this goal so I'm hoping I'll be able to complete this. I've been working a few days at the local rec centre to earn this "extra" money). Almost there.

Save $300 for a shopping/travelling trip (Well this is kind of axed. Since it was late in January I found out I was being invited to Europe. Instead I changed this to my travel fund and it's completely funded at $1000 right now). Going to say Check!

Purchase my parents a new freezer and/or couch set (Okay I've now changed this to purchase my parents something nice. I know they want to redo the basement eventually but they are not ready to right now. So I think I will either give them a gift certificate to a home decorating place, OR just give them something they want at Christmas). Changed goal.


Stretch everyday (Yikes, not doing so well on this. I just forget, I need to make time for it). Failing.

Complete a 5k run (Well I let my gym membership expire since I was only going about once a month. I would really like to become a runner but I don't know if this one will happen. It will be the HARDEST goal on my list). Majorly failing!

Complete TWO American Sign Language courses (One complete, I hope to do another one this summer or Fall. I've contacted the organization that offers it in my area and they are only offering courses that are below my level right now). Almost there.

Read at least 12 novels (Okay maybe this will be the hardest one to complete. I've completed 2.5 books so far this year and it's already mid-June!). Failing at this point.

Complete a full-size quilt (I bought the fabric, but I designed my own design and made it really tricky. I think I'm going to pick up some different fabric this summer and try making a rag quilt. They look comfy and not very difficult). Failing.

Volunteer twice at a new place (I've volunteered at Girl Guides and at the OSPCA, that's it. Will have to get at least one new place in. I plan on doing some volunteering in the schools where BF lives this September so that will allow me to cross this one off). Almost there.

Learn how to crochet (I bought the hooks and yarn. I can make a straight line. Maybe another summer goal). Working on it.

I'm doing better at my financial goals compared to my personal goals. Who would have guessed that! I'm doing okay with my progress so far but I need to step it up if I want to complete my goals before 2011!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Call Me Steve Jobs...

Okay, maybe Bill Gates since I have a PC.

But today I heard a rattling sound in my laptop's fan and then all of a sudden my fan stopped working. Not good when you have a laptop.

When I was in university, I had to get my laptop's fan replaced after 4 years and it cost about $150. So I was not looking forward to paying that again after only having this laptop for a year and a half.

Instead I decided to take out my toolkit I got for Christmas while in university (you would be surprised how many times I've used that thing!). I took out the battery and unscrewed some pieces in the back. Nope can't get to the fan that way. So I pulled off the keyboard and was able to get to the fan. Then I saw it....a screw was jamming the fan from moving. I wiggled it around and eventually tipped my computer upside down and it with the screwdriver was able to wedge it loose. It came out and I put everything back together and it works like a charm again.

Well not exactly perfect....this is Windows Vista we are talking about ;)

Weekend Recap

I had a nice weekend. Friday I spent time going through all my winter and summer clothes and picking out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to donate. I tried everything on except for the things I knew I didn't want anymore. I ended up with 5 grocery bags stuffed full. One bag of recyclable material. Also 2 hoodies, and one long sleeve shirt for my mom. It was good, and now I have more space in my closet.

I also want to go through some of my "stuff" and declutter. I have a lot of things in my closet that can go. I want to get ready to move some things to BF's apartment this summer. He is coming next weekend so hopefully he can take a few things with him. I brought my stand mixer this weekend when I visited him but that's it so far.

Saturday I went to visit BF. He is back at home now that he is done his placement. Was nice to see his family. We talked about our trip a bit, I'm still not too sure what the plans are though. Will be an adventure lol. 18 more days!!!

Today BF made me breakfast and then I went to my roommate's bridal shower. She liked her gift I got her :) I also won two prizes, one a tile with a cute picture on it, and the other was some mint chocolates mmm. They helped on my 4 hour drive home. Blahhh. Anyway after the bridal shower she took me to see her "work in progress" house. They purchased it in October from her grandma for a great price. They have been making mortgage payments ever since. They have also been pretty much tearing the place apart from the inside. They had walls up but no drywall, only two rooms had flooring. The tub went in today, no toilet. It will look really nice when it's all done though. Slowly they have been working on things and paying for things.

Really made me want to move out and buy a house to renovate. I love those home renovation homes. But also reminded me of how much homes cost. Redoing a house, purchasing "things" for your first home, and planning and paying for a wedding, yikes! I still have A LOT to save up for...ohhhh I wish I could win that $50 million! Doesn't help that I didn't buy a ticket.

Friday, June 11, 2010

G8 and G20 parody

This is so funny. If I had a billion dollars....a parody by two friends on the ridiculous spending on the G8 and G20. Click this site!

PS What do you PF bloggers think of this whole billion dollar spending on 3 days worth of conferences?
The G8 is a conference about global debt...IMHO, I think they should have skyped the whole meeting and put that money to better use! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do You Like Baking?

I love to bake! But I do not enjoy the cleanup afterward. So many bowls, sugar/flour over the counters. The end result is totally worth it though.

My mom's friend gave me a sugar cookie package when she moved. I decided yesterday that I would make some! I also bought these new wedding cookie cutters so what better time to make them then for my roommate's bridal shower. If they didn't turn out, I could eat them myself.

I bought a rolling pin yesterday since we didn't have one then went to work. Made the sugar cookies and then went to decorating. This was very annoying because I didn't have the right tip for the frosting I made. So I had to go back to the store to buy an icing tube with the tip I wanted. I piped the edges and then flooded the middle with white or pink icing.

After that set...or at least close to set ;) I started decorating. This is my favourite part. I only had 5 different shapes so a lot of my decorating was the same. It made me feel like a kid again. Kinda looks like a kid made them too, but I don't really care it was fun to do.

What was the cost of this activity? Well the package was free :) I'm sure it would be cheaper to do it from scratch if you didn't have a free package. I bought the rolling pin for $11.99 from CTC, the cookie cutters for $4.99 at Bulk Barn, icing tube was $3.99 for 4 at Metro, icing sugar we had, food colouring we had, decorations I picked up at Bulk Barn as well and they probably totalled $2 and I have a bunch left over :) I'll be able to do the same thing again for much cheaper now that I have the materials needed.

Yesterday I also bought that kitchenaid stand mixer. It was $180 and came with a pouring shield. I took it out of the package and turned it on and it sounds/looks good. I didn't make anything with it, but I look forward to using it. I don't think I will take it out of the package again until this summer when I move in with BF. It was a refurbished model and it did have a couple of black scratches on the base but still worth it to be $300 cheaper than buying it new. I think I will invest in the coated accessories just so I can put them in the dishwasher (I think they look nicer too). I look forward to making some bread and desserts with it :) 

It's All Over...

What am I going to do now with my evenings every 2-3 days now that hockey is over :(

Did anyone else watch last night's stanley cup winning game? Great game!

Personally I was cheering for Philly for no other reason than that they were the underdogs. However it made me happy to see Chicago win as well. Especially all the talks they had with the players after. Toews is just 22 and now has a Stanley Cup and a gold medal under his belt. Amazing!!

I honestly didn't see that last goal. It was so fast. I think only the goalie and Kane knew it was actually in. It was a pretty weird final goal. Also pretty weird that it was the same spot that Crosby won the gold medal game with. Very difficult angle!

Also that Stanley Cup finals commercial gets me everytime. The one where Stanley Cup winners are being interviewed and they just have nothing to say, they are speechless. One player starts to cry and pulls his hat over his eyes, the last player stutters and then just laughs. Have you seen it? It's very sweet :)

Anyway I'm already looking forward to September...come on Leafers!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When Will My GST Cheque Come?

They come July, October, January and April. I typically get mine around the 10th or so (one more month yay). Every year your GST cheques are reviewed when you do your income tax. So the one you got in April may be a different amount then the one you will get in July, but for the rest of the year it will be the same amount.

PS is it cheque in Canada and check in the States?? We know how Canadians like to add the letter "u" to words (favourite, colour, etc).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Christmas Is Less Than Six Months Away!!!

5.5 months until Christmas.

I have part of two Christmas gifts already purchased. Am I crazy?

Do you buy birthday/Christmas presents early?

Normally I don't. Normally I'm a huge procrastinator. Although last year I purchased several things in October for Christmas and it really helped with the cost of Christmas. Maybe that's why I have it on my mind sometimes when I see something someone on my list would like. Will make the cost of Christmas a little bit easier. As well as deciding what to buy everyone.

Have you bought anything for Christmas yet??

Monday, June 7, 2010

Have You Ever Bought Something Refurbished??

I've wanted a Kitchenaid stand mixer for a while now. I have looked into all the different models and attachments etc. I've really done my research. I decided to check kijiji this week. There were several people in my area who were selling kitchenaid mixers. Some were brand new!

I'm torn between two models. One is a better mixer but is a new refurbished model. It would be better for mixing dough which I really want to do. The other is $20 more and new. I've e-mailed both and so will just wait to hear back from them before making a decision.

I used to think that refurbished meant it was broken, sent back to the company and then fixed to be resold. However I learned with some research that that is not necessary true. Sometimes things that are sent back to the warehouse and then classified as refurbished could be because there was overstock at a retail store, the item was discontinued, or returned by a customer. They will have been reconditioned and re-tested before being sold as "refurbished."

My question to you is have you ever bought a refurbished model? Did you ever have any difficulties with it?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bridal Shower Gift

I put together my roommate's bridal shower gift. I had a hard time deciding what to get her. I didn't want to get her a towel and a spoon off her registry. She registered for high end things, and for $50 (what I was willing to spend) there wasn't a whole lot to choose from. Which somewhat angers me, but that's another post.

Anyway I decided to make her a GIFT BASKET. Acutally it's not a basket at all, but it's a watering can. I bought her this big pink watering can at Canadian Tire and then it took off from there. I added pink gardening gloves, 3 gardening tools which I wrapped in pink ribbon, 4 packs of seeds, 2 pink citronella candles (keep those mosquitos away!), and some pink hand cream. Gotta have the hand cream after a day of gardening. I also purchased her about 300 stickers that say "This belongs to Mrs.______" with her NEW name on it. They are colourful and will be great for her books (she is also a supply teacher).

I still need to add a bow to the watering can but all together I spent about $50. If I bought off her registry I would get two small items, or if I bought a gift basket from a store I would not have got the quality or amount of items I was able to buy.
I need to work on tying bows.

From the front.

From the back. Book stickers are not included. I think I will just add them to the card.
My roommate grew up on a farm so I hope she will be able to grow the seeds!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June!! This and That

It's June already!! Can you believe it?

That mean's only a few potential school days left. One month until my 25th birthday!! One month until we leave for Holland! One month until Summer!

There is a lot to do before July. I need to pack for our trip. I also need to at least get some things organized for moving in with BF for the rest of the summer. My parents have a storage unit that they have been wanting to get rid of for a while but my brother's and my STUFF is in there too so they have kept it. I want to go through that stuff and hopefully clear it out. Save my parents some money each month.

I also want to start working out again. It's been so hot and I've been tired so I haven't done ANYTHING in a while...too long. I want to start doing pushups and situps everyday. Maybe while I'm watching a show or at least during the commercials I'll get a few in. It's almost bathing suit season!

I want to pay off my family loan this month. But it REALLY depends on how much work I get this month. So if I am able to only owe them $300 I will be satisfied. I'll get the rest done after summer.

I want to do some summer clothes shopping. I spent a bit this month with all the times I went to Toronto, but I am still lacking a few things. Maybe another dress, one more pair of shorts, and a couple nice t-shirts. I am lacking teaching summer clothes too.

I'm going to transfer my travel fund into my regular bank account so it's easier access. I've also already spent $660 of it. I'm going to keep the rest in my bank account and take it out overseas if it's needed.

I need to get my hair cut too. It's really long right now. I was thinking about growing it really long and then donating it, but I don't know if I have the patience for it anymore. It's so nice to have shorter hair in the summer. Has anyone donated their hair before? My roommate did and she needed 10 inches, but I thought some places took 6-8 inches. And what if it has been coloured??

I need to get my roommate a birthday present. I'm seeing her twice this month so I'm going to give it to her in person instead of mailing it which will save some money, or give me a little bit more to spend on her. I'm thinking a teacher gift basket since she just completed her first full-year at a private school or a cooking gift basket since she is teaching her new boyfriend how to cook.