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Friday, January 8, 2010

Did you get your GST cheque yet?

I got mine today woohoo. $74! I was counting on it this month!! I have big plans for it, I am going to put it toward an ASL winter retreat. It's a weekend in February and they lodge you and feed you AND teach you ASL all for the low low price of $150. So I thought it was a pretty good deal to brush up and learn some more ASL.

I am going to sign up for it on Monday since all weekend and tomorrow evening I will be at a different ASL course. Once the end of February hits I'll be done that new years goal of completing TWO ASL courses! At the end of Feb, I think if some more come up and they are reasonably priced that I'll likely do more than just the two I had as my goal.

Oh yes, also going to update status bars now, I like that some are no longer going to be at 0!!

What are you going to do with your GST cheque if you get one?


  1. I don't get them this year...I cashed in some stocks last year and worked part-time at a pharmacy so I made too much, even as a single parent. That should change with this years income tax return. My $$$ usually goes towards stuff for the kids anyway, lol. Enjoy your course, I think that's an excellent way to spend the money.

  2. I'm giving myself $25 for a brunch with friends next Sunday, $25 on whatever - groceries, etc. And the other $50 into savings for my Masters.

  3. Nicely done. Your bars look great already! Sadly, I do not receive GST cheques anymore.

  4. I stopped getting GST cheques about 4 years ago, I totally miss them too! It was a fun treat to get!

    If I were to get one it would go to my TSFA Emerg fund probably.