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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Going on Vacation!!!

This Saturday my BF's family invited me to HOLLAND!!!! For THREE WEEKS in July!!

Of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. It will truly be amazing. There are 8 people going. Flights are paid for by airmiles WOW (taxes are not). I'm not sure what exactly I will need to cover. Insurance, some food expenses, etc. BF's brother's girlfriend is also coming, so it will be nice to not be the only "outsider."

What does all this mean financially? I need to start saving up majorly. I have started a small travel fund that was going to be used for a long weekend vacation to the states in the fall, but if we are going to Holland I think I can forget about that mini-vacation. This also means that I will have three weeks that I cannot work. This somewhat stresses me out. It will all work out I'm sure, I'm going on vacation!!!


  1. Holland! How exciting. What a great adventure for you.

  2. that sounds like a fantastic trip!! I'm so excited for you.

  3. Ooo Holland. Land of the wooden shoes :)

    Pics? I hope you'll have tons of pics :D

  4. Oh wow! What a terrific opportunity! That is so awesome that they invited you to come along!!

  5. Thanks :)

    Oh and I will definitely come back with a couple of cards full of pics, I'll post a few too! I'm so excited and it's 5 months away.