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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekends Fly By!

I had a great weekend, wish they were longer. BF came up on Friday right after work. We hung out with family, he taught me a little bit about driving a standard car (I only stalled three times, that's good right?), and we watched a movie on TV.

On Saturday we were going to go tubing but I wasn't feeling well so we stayed home during the day. I made brunch and we played some board games. We went out for supper at Boston Pizza and I paid for our meals with a gift card I received for Christmas. That night we went to see The Lovely Bones. He had a gift card to see a movie. It was a bit disappointing I thought, but that is typical after you've read the book the movie was based on.

I thought there were too many special effects, and not enough emotional connection to the characters. Some parts really did creep me out and I thought the acting was great but parts were lacking in getting to know the characters better. Compared to the book, a lot of parts were missing which was somewhat disappointing but again, to be expected. I am still glad I saw the movie, it was interesting to see the characters and setting compared to the way I pictured them while reading the story. BF thought it was "pretty good" (he has not read the book). Did anyone else go to see this movie, what did you think??

Today I made brunch again and then we made a puzzle which was really neat. It was a puzzle that had a mystery and no picture. So we had to read this short story background to the murder mystery and then put the puzzle together to see if we could solve it based on the crime scene. We played some Wii and had supper and he left a few hours ago. Was a good weekend, I like low cost weekends!


  1. I actually watched The Lovely Bones this weekend too and I agree with you that there were too many special effects and not enough connection with the characters. I was very excited to see this movie but a bit disappointed after watching it. I was still pretty good overall, I just expected to enjoy it more.

  2. I plan to see it with my co-worker who has also read the book, we both have. I am expecting it to not be as good as the book, because they usually are not. But I want to see it anyway. Plus when I saw the previews, its just not what I pictured the people to look like? I know it sounds dumb, but when you are reading you get a picture in your head of what people look like, you know?
    I still want to see it though :)