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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Day

So far I've had a really good day! I was somewhat productive today. I renewed my library book,stretched, made supper for my family, and chatted with my cousin.

Tonight has been good too. Someone used my ING Orange Key and we both got $25 free! Thank you!! In case anyone else would like to use it, my referral code is 34362383S1. It means $25 for each of us if you start with a minimum of $100 deposit.

Also tonight is the premier of The Biggest Loser. There is a girl named Sunshine who I like because we are the same age. Although she has already been sent home she has a chance to come back with her dad, so I'm cheering for them along with all the rest! Canadian World Juniors are also playing their final game in hockey against the States tonight. States are winning currently but it's been a close game....Go Canada Go!! No offense to American readers ;)


  1. I totally forgot about The Biggest Loser premiere last night! Hockey distracted me, lol!

  2. Hi,

    I found you blog on GVO blog.
    I am thinking about opening a TFSA with ING. I opened a TFSA with my bank but I am not happy with the interest rate.
    How do you like ING? Would you mind commenting a little bit about them?
    If I decided to open the account with them, I will use your orange key, OK?
    Thank you.