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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Belated New Years

Wow I was MIA for a while there. I left Thursday after work to visit BF and celebrate new years. We had a fun time at his friend's house. Lots of good company and good food! We also exchanged our Christmas gifts where he totally spoiled me! Chocolates and gift cards, and a willow tree figurine. It's the one called "sign for love" and it's the girl doing the sign for love in ASL. It was pretty much perfect! His parents gave me some nice educational DVDs that could be used in the classroom.

Teacher's haven't been sick yet this week so no work so far. Hopefully I will get at least ONE day this week. My plan today is to catch up on some blogs, and clean my desk area. It's quite disasterous. Also go to the library to renew my book, and to the storage unit to drop off some summer things (can we say procrastination?).

I have already broken my stretch everyday resolution. I knew this would happen, resolutions are like that. I am not disappointed, it's mainly just a goal to stretch as often as I can, maybe twice somedays, maybe only once others, maybe not at all other days. I basically just want to gain some flexibility by next year.

I have a busy month which I love. I have my ASL classes this weekend and in two weeks, BF is coming the weekend in between, my roommates are coming the weekend after ASL, and I am going to visit BF the weekend after that.

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  1. I'm crossing my fingers for you that you get some hours :)