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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My pillows

I made my BF two pillows as my first project with pillows. His favourite NFL team is the Vikings so I made him a vikings coloured pillow, and with what was remaining another one the same size.

To make them a little more sportsy and not just purple and yellow I added a sports pattern to the back.

What I sewed yesterday was two regular sized pillows for my cousin. They are red and white with a red back.

If she doesn't like the window pane style she can just turn them around and have plain red pillows.

These are super easy to make! The smaller pillows were my second sewing project EVER! I think they look kinda neat, and are oh so soft!! Next pillow I make will have a different pattern haha.


  1. those are really cute! well done.

  2. Great pillows! I like the ones for your BF because it is like one side is masculine and one side is a little softer. A good compromise lol.

  3. Did you have a pattern to work with or did you come up with the window pane style yourself?

  4. super cute! I like the design. Very striking.

  5. those are great! I so want to learn how to sew

  6. Thanks for all of your nice comments!

    FC, I searched for pillows online in images and saw one that looked like this, I just copied it, there was no pattern. They are really easy to make so the size of the pillow could easily be adjusted.

    Tablesofablendedfamily, you should learn. I just took up the hobby a couple of months ago and like it, it's quite easy, do you have a sewing machine?