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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

From Famine to Feast

Last night while volunteering, I received FOUR phone calls to work. I have not had any the rest of this year and then all of a sudden got so many at once! Yayy! So I'm working 2.5 days worth so far this week. Hoping for a full day tomorrow as well.

I paid my mastercard and phone bill today. Glad to get those out of the way. Do you pay your bills as soon as you get them or wait?

I did a bunch of cutting to prepare for sewing. I'm making my cousin a couple of red and white pillows. I hope they turn out! I will spend the day tomorrow sewing them together and hopefully get them stuffed and sewed up this week. I also deposited my GST cheque and sent off the registration form for my ASL weekend in February. I actually got my roommate and my boyfriend to sign up for it as well! My cousin is seriously thinking about it as well. Will be a good time.

I watched The Biggest Loser tonight and they briefly talked about the cost of health. They have done this before and I made a post about it. Always a good episode! I still don't have a favourite team yet. Will have to learn a bit more about them first. Any other fans?? I really like the 24 year old who was sent home the first week as well, just because her and her dad had a nice relationship and we are the same age.


  1. It's funny, I used to wait to pay my bills until the last possible minute . . . I guess it gave me a sense that I had more money in my account. But that always led to a false sense of having more than I actually do and the occasional late fee. Now that I'm budgeting and paying attention to my finances, I pay the bills as soon as I get them. I used to have such bill paying anxiety and now it's not such a big deal!

    I'm also a fan of the Biggest Loser but I haven't wanted the episodes yet (they are saved on my DVR). I can't wait to settle down and catch up! I heard this was going to be a good season.

  2. My bills are all on automatic withdrawals - Jordan and I have a joint account that we put the same amount into each pay day (we calculated the average of the highest bills and then rounded up) - then all the bills come out of the joint account. That way, we know all the bills are taken care of, but we don't have to worry about the dates of things and thinking we have more or less money then we do.