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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Fund, Shred Dred, Etc.

Today is day three. I am already experiencing Shred Dred. I hurt. But I'm going to do it anyway. Suffering from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), anyone else with me?? I should try to find lighter weights. But it will only get easier from here, it really can't get much worse! I did measurements and weight before I did my second workout last night so I will see at the end if there is any difference.

Tomorrow is payday yay! It will be a very small paycheque because it does not include any teaching. But I will be able to add to the extra $2010 in 2010 progress bar. It will go toward paying for my next ASL course and my mastercard for all the extra gas I used this month.

I have been having major issues with my computer lately. Ever since the day I got it a year ago I had "issues" with it. It's a Toshiba. I had a laptop Toshiba as my last computer and it was amazing, until the battery started to die and it was slowed down. That's why I got this one, I really do like the brand. I paid $550, it was brand new from The Source. Now every so often it will just shut down completely. I'll restart and it will shut down as it's trying to load. Sometimes the screen will just freeze and go a lighter colour telling me it's working but it takes forever. It makes me want to throw it! I think that I am going to start a new fund, "Computer Fund". Extra money I have can go toward it. Like snowflakes!

I think I want to go with a Mac next. They have some neat programs, and it's what my school board uses in their classrooms, so it would be good to become more familiar with one. Macs are more expensive though. I think as a teacher I will get a $100 discount which will help. I would get a laptop again which again unfortunately means more expensive. I do not have a deadline for this goal, although within one year would be nice. Priorities are still my other funds, so it will only grow with snowflakes right now.

Off to do day 3...


  1. Why not start with cans of soup? They're lighter than the weights, and I'm sure you have some around! Once those get too 'easy' for you, switch back to the 5lbs. You'd be amazed at how well those work for the arms!

  2. Get a Mac.

    Seriously. Best investment I ever made. I think you get $200 off as a teacher. Yes they are expensive in terms of PC's, but I have had mine for 2 years and it is still perfect. It boots up super fast, no viruses and I find that I prefer that Mac OS platform more than crap crap windows.