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Monday, February 1, 2010

How Much Do You Spend on Wedding Gifts??

One of my good friend's is getting married this summer, the day after we get back from Holland (please no delays!!!). So I have a lot to save up for. This friend was my university roommate for 4 years. We meet up about 3 times a year for a weekend. We send birthday and Christmas gifts, and send e-mails every couple of weeks.
I am not in her wedding but I am pretty sure I am doing a reading at the church service. I don't know how much to budget for this exactly. I have not been to very many weddings, I've only been to one friend's wedding in my life, the rest have been for family (and then I usually go in on a gift with my parents).
They have just purchased a home but are renovating it and will be moving in together after the wedding. They will be doing a registry which helps to know what to get them exactly.
How much do you spend on a wedding gift? Do you always buy things on the registry?


  1. I haven't been to a wedding in ages, but when I do, I don't buy a gift. I save the gift giving for the bridal shower and I give cash as a wedding gift. If I am going alone, I put $50 in a card, if I bring someone, it's generally $100. I am going to my brother's wedding in April, and I will most likely give him around $200, because he's my brother.

    Now, I do know that it varies by culture. For instance, my friend T, who is Italian, says that anything less than $100 per person is just not acceptable. She says they go by the approximate cost of what the bride and groom are going to spend on your plate for the wedding. Here in the GTA, that can range from $60 to $120 per person.

    I probably wasn't much help, lol.

  2. I try to buy on registry.. but sometimes things are $500 - $1000 !!!!!!!!!

    In the end, I give cash.

  3. I just got married a few months ago and we registered which does make it easy for gift buying. That being said, we also bought a condo that we are currently renovating and I must say, oru favorite gift has been $$ and gift cards to Home Depot or Lowes. We were just discussing future gift giving and have decided that we will probably just give money from here on out. Now the tricky part, how much??? We have decided that it will vary dependant upon how well we are doing financially at the time and who the people are getting married and our relationship with them. Probably $50 would be the minimum we would give and $200 the maximum. I hope that helps.

  4. I'm Chinese so it's traditional we give money. For Chinese weddings, it's $100. More if you're bringing a guest. My brother is marrying soon too and I think I'll give him $500. If your friend has a registry, I'd follow the registry though. Either pick a gift around the $50-$100 mark or buy a few items. In the end, it's really the thought that counts IMO.

  5. I usually buy a gift equal to what I think my dinner would have cost them. So usually around $40-$50 a person. Could be more or less depending on how fancy or casual the wedding is. I also tend to give about $80-$100 for somebody I deem to be really close to me.

    For my wedding 2 years ago, I really appreciated the gifts we didn't register for (i.e. homemade table cloth and napkins, or christmas tree skirt & stockings, crystal bowl, wooden bowl). Those were things are the ones that stick out in my mind.

    If you decide to go the cash route I cannot stress how much better a gift card is! Well, if they register at the Bay. As the bridal couple, they get discounts on everything they purchase off their registry that wasn't bought for the wedding. This means that those bay dollars go waaaay further when they purchase than your own money can. I was stunned to find this out.

  6. Someone close is around 50-60 for me...but apparently I am cheap (poor). I think it depends on your financial situation...if i made more money, i would get more expensive gifts. I think people understand that, especially close friends.

  7. I usually aim to spend between $50-$100. Look into going in on a gift with another friend too, that usually helps drive the cost down.

  8. I would say spend around the same or 1.5x (b/c it's for a couple) that you do at Christmas

  9. When I married, the average gift of money received was $50.00. We received $100.00 from some aunts & uncles. Mind you in my community, we have less elaborate weddings. They are still beautiful and a ton of fun, but typically there is a cash bar.
    Since the wedding is just after your trip, perhaps you may be able to find something special on your trip? Maybe look up traditional wedding items from Holland. One friend gave us a beautiful handmade bowl from Taiwan. I treasure that gift.
    I would suggest to think about what your friend really likes and try to find that special something that fits in YOUR budget. Is she really going to be offended if your gift is $40 rather than $100?

  10. It depends.

    If I know the people that are getting married are moving in together after the wedding or just bought a place, I would see if they have a registry because of the high need of 'things' when you move into a new place. However the bridal shower does knock off alot of gifts.

    For 'cash' weddings it depends on who it is. I give anywhere between 60-100 dollars. I honestly prefer giving cash, it is 50000x easier and the gift fits in my purse. I kinda fit the cost of the meal idea, but if people choose to have a crazy big wedding that is their issue, not mine.

    I am getting married in September and I am registering for a few things (again, will probably be used for the bridal shower), but hoping to get mostly cash because we don't need the smaller items. What we need are items that cost hundreds of dollars (we have a futon for a couch and would really like a couch). One idea that was discussed was having a group of friends pitch in and get a gift card. I just seriously have no use for more kitchenware or towels.

  11. Yeah, have to agree that it depends on how close I am to the bride/groom/couple. . . but generally between $50 to $100. And I almost always buy off the registry. I figure that if they went out of their way to specifically pick out what they want, my life is made easier and they'll get something that they'll like for sure!

  12. We typically give a cash gift of $100 (up to $300 if it is a close family member)

  13. these are all such great and thoughtful gifts! I laughed at your comment about the marriage day gift exchange, I recently mentioned that to my fiance and he refused to believe "it could be a thing.I seriously just love your necklace in those bridal photos. you create me wish i had worn one. it's perfect!!!! Wedding Gifts