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Friday, February 12, 2010

I Believe

Olympics start tonight! I'm excited to watch the opening ceremonies, they should be amazing. I bet the hype is crazy in Vancouver, it's even exciting in my small town in Ontario.

I am mostly looking forward to men's hockey. But I'm also excited to watch some women's hockey, figure skating and highlights of some of the other sports, bobsledding, snowboarding and luge is always fun to watch.

I have a Girl Guides sleepover to do this weekend, and then will be spending family day with my brothers. I am also working on a new sewing project (my first from a pattern) and I am going to try to finish that on Monday as well. I will show you when it's done!

Are you going to be watching the Olympics?? What is your favourite sport to watch?


  1. OH I am there, in front of the TV every second that I can...I love it all. Hockey, Figure Skating, Bobsleigh, Luge, Aerial Skiing...and more. Although it's going to be hard to watch Luge after what happened today :(

    I BELIEVE!!!

  2. What an awful tragedy. I'm thinking that more precautions will be taken from here out though on luge and other dangerous sports. Padded poles, or plexiglass walls, something!

    Go Canada :)

  3. I BELIEVE!!!

    I was excited when the torch came through my city in December and I've had Olympic Fever ever since. I can't wait for the opening ceremonies to begin.

    I'll be watching the games as often as possible.... it doesn't matter what sport is on!!

    GO CANADA!!!!

  4. We are watching now. Hockey is our family sport as my son plays. I like the skating and skiing as well.