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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brakes Failed

My brother was borrowing my car for the past two weeks as my parents are in Florida and I'm using their vehicle. He comes to me yesterday and says the brakes are shot. I ask what he did, he says nothing. He only drives to work and back and ocassionally the bank. 10 minutes of driving total. So I didn't believe him, I JUST got the car serviced last Monday. So I take it for a spin, and sure enough the brakes are VERY VERY slow at working, and the brake light is on.

I can press the brake pedal right to the floor, there are no squeaking sounds or anything it just slows down extremely slowly, and I was going about 10km/h. I am going to have my dad look at it when I pick them up tonight, hopefully it's just a basic problem like needing brake fluid or something. Somehow I'm thinking it's more than that though since I'm sure they would have checked for that when I got it serviced. Please be an inexpensive and easy fix!!!

Now I can joke about having a Toyota with failed brakes though. Although mine isn't on the recall list...it's 11 years old.


  1. eep. be careful driving it!!

    maybe it's just the brakepads running thin? that's usually a very easy fix.

  2. That is my big fear of lending my car to my anyone!
    I hope it's an easy fix.

  3. be very careful driving it anywhere. I hope it doesn't cost you too much.

  4. It hasn't been driven since I took it for the test run last night. I think it's more than brakepads because doesn't it make a squeaking sound if it's those first? Those were replaced in 2007 (do they need to be replaced more often than that)? I'm not too sure I'm not a car person. It's going in tomorrow. Please be something minor!!!

  5. the brake fluid is low. (best guess without looking at the car) my 15 year old civic is the same way the brake light comes on only when the fluid is low. If you have ABS then there could be a problem with that too. however a pedal going straight down to the floor would indicate low fluid as well.