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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I drove 40 minutes to my HALF-DAY job today and they told me I was early....a day early. Oops!! Darn, that was a waste of time. I ended up dropping some things off at the Salvation Army and storage so it did end up being a productive afternoon afterall, minus the 80 minutes of useless driving!


  1. That sucks! Too bad they weren't able to use you today so you could score an extra work day!

  2. Oh no! Totally something I would do! lol!! At least you go something done from it! :)

  3. Aw! Sorry about the waste of gas and time. I'm always worried I'm going to do something like that.

    I remember being traumatized about showing up to the wrong classes at the wrong time in junior high because they rotated schedules and the fear I'm going to do something even worse lurks. :P

  4. Too bad they weren't able to use me, oh well! At least I was a day early and not a day late! Now I will always double check.