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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

How are you spending this Valentine's weekend? Anything special planned for Family Day??

My BF came over Friday night. He stayed for a total of 14 hours before going home on Saturday because I had a Girl Guides sleepover to do. We were thinking, we have been together 7 Valentine's days in our 6 years and 3 months together but we do not think we have ever (this year being no exception) seen each other on the actual day, reading weeks, and then long distance. But that is okay since it's not a big deal to me.

Usually we make a card for each other and that's about it, but this year when he came on Friday he surprised me. Since we are going to Holland this year he got me tulips, while there we plan on visiting Belgium and he got me those shell Belgian chocolates, and we also plan on visiting France, so when I opened up the card I was expecting it to be in French but he just missed that country. It was pretty sweet. A lot more than I expected and I think it was nice. Surprises are always fun.

We watched the Olympic opening from start to finish on Friday night. I loved seeing Betty Fox there carrying out the flag, I actually thought she would be the final torch bearer but they did a good job. I am glad they changed the luge set up and am excited to watch some more Olympics this weekend. That, and some sewing is likely how I will be spending my family day and Valentine's, what about you?

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