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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Impulse Buy?

I don't know why I do this. It's impulse buying. Online shopping is so easy!! Way too easy.

Last night I received a magazine I have a subscription to. It's "The Mailbox Magazine" it's a magazine for teachers, I really enjoy it even though I don't have my own classroom. But I'm pretty obsessed with books and teaching resources. The subscription was a gift :) I was browsing through the magazine and they had an ad for other things this company sells. Gotta avoid the ads!!

I follow the ad to the website. I browse online looking at the freebies that you get for having a subscription, very cool stuff. Freebies make it even better. Then I go to the books section, clearance section. And I browse and pick out a bunch of books that I would want on my wishlist. But instead of leaving them there I add them to my cart, type in my credit card number, and click submit. Total was *hangs head in shame* $151. Yikes! $25 was shipping, darn shipping!

Why do I do this?!? I don't do it often but yikes $150 spent in minutes! On 13 books! Books I don't even have a classroom for. Why?!?! Do you impulse buy very often? Is it usually on gum at the grocery store, or you ever have big purchases for things you know you don't need? One day I'll use them at least (I hope), and at least they were on clearance...


  1. I am a bad impluse shopper I try to stay off websites cause they make it super eay and I try to throw away catalogs when I get them in the mail before I even look at them cause I always find something I had to have lol

  2. I'm not a very big impulse shopper when it comes to clothes and stuff. But what I do impulse buy is food. In the land of Asian Pear, tummy rules supreme so I end up impulsively buying snacks and junk food. ~__~;

  3. When I started teaching I was a huge impulse buy shopper. Every book or resource seemed golden and I couldn't seem to stop. The novels stay with me on my shelves, though they disappear a few at a time over the years, so they were good buys. I rarely buy novels for the classroom now.

    The teaching books...oh lordy the money I've spent on those. Some were excellent and I still use them. Some, well the curriculum changes and I no longer have those units at my grade level. Some....just were not good buys and sit, never used. They seemed like a good idea at the time LOL

    The longer you teach, the more selective you will get, and the less you will buy.

  4. I am very much like Pear...food is my vice and I am very impulsive!

  5. Er.. not any more I'm not.

    I guess online shopping is where I'm really wary.

    If I haven't tried it on IRL, I don't want to buy it. I just have things fit so weirdly on me, that I want to try everything on 50 times, touch it over and over again before it gets purchased

    Books, etc.. I don't buy -- I can't pack them easily :)

    I do like to buy food and treats on impulse however. That's where it starts.

  6. I have done this in the past but not too recently. Its usually Sephora or MAC. And it's usually about $100. :(