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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Wow, what an AMAZING game. I was right on the edge of my seat (and leaning forward) during overtime of the men's Canada vs USA hockey game. Great game, well played hockey by both teams. It was amazing to see the coverage of different places celebrating across Canada (Robson Square, and Yonge St)!

I am very impressed by all the athletes that represented Canada. It was simply a joy to watch them compete. My favourite was hockey and then figure skating. I was really rooting for Patrick Chan, but loved the performances of Evan Lysacek (soo good at the exhibition gala), Johnny Weir (he's so funny), Kim Yu-na, Joannie Rochette (so glad she earned a medal) and Asada Mao (triple axel girl). I wish I could skate like that! Ah, I wish I could even skate!

I worked 4.5 days this week. Which was awesome, I hope next week is good too! BF came this weekend. We went out to the Mandarin on Friday which was soooo delicious. I definitely ate my money's worth. We watched a lot of olympics and then went for sushi today for lunch. It was a fun weekend. I am going to visit my cousin in Toronto next weekend, BF is at a conference in Mississauga and will meet us when he is done. Then I will go to visit his family on Saturday night. I'm looking forward to it.

Happy March!!!

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  1. Happy March to you too. :D
    (On a side ntote... Mmm. SUSHI.)