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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cause of Car Problems

It was the brake line. Apparently there was a leak and so I ran out of brake fluid, Jason you were right! The one line had a visible hole in it, and the other was wet meaning it likely had a small not visible leak. So it was a bit of a process to get it fixed. My dad went to get it checked but now it's done and working again. Yay! They also fixed the holes in the exhaust. Total damage is $300. I know my dad won't ask for the money, he wouldn't even tell me what it was. I had to get it out of my mom today. I will pay him back soon. Instead of taking it out of my TFSA (E-fund) which is very minimal already, I'm going to make a smaller contribution to my family loan next month.


  1. Ack. I was hoping for you that it was something more minor like brake pads. :(

    Ah well. At least it was found out before anything serious happened thankfully. That's more important. Money can go out the door but it can be earned again. Your car needs to be in good working order if you are to travel.

  2. So thankful that you got it fixed, especially since I know you rely on your car to get you to and from your teaching assignments. Aren't dads just the best? They take good care of their girls! I think it's a good idea to make the smaller contribution to your loan and pay your dad back as soon as you can. Are you going to have to fight him to let you pay him back? LOL.

  3. You are right. I'm glad nothing happened too when the brakes failed! I have two jobs lined up this week already, one 40 minutes away, and the other an hour away, so I'm definitely glad it's back in working condition :)

    Tales, I paid my mom. It will have to get to him through her. He might have put up a bit of a fight otherwise.

  4. Well I'm glad I guessed right. That is what $28,000 of debt racing cars will buy you, the ability to spot an issue.