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Monday, February 22, 2010

Business Doing Pleasure?

This song by Tim McGraw came on while driving home from work today.  It's about men paying for everything for their girl. Too much, and extravagent things. Do you know anyone like this? I appreciate when my boyfriend treats me to things, but I would never expect it. Do you split things evenly with your SO? BF definitely pays more than me. In the beginning of our relationship I would always split with him, but now it's moved toward where he is paying for more. I really appreciate it though :) When I'm working more consistently I know I will help out more, and we will split more evenly again.

Here are the song lyrics:

I spent fifteen hundred dollars on your damn dog's collar
Put new spinners on you escalade
I swear I almost started cryin'
when you brought up buyin' diamonds
Lord I'm spending more than I'm getting paid
You got more purses than Versace
Got more rings that Liberace
Fill your closets full of fancy shoes
All my credit cards are cookin'
Girl you don't know what your puttin' me through
It's a business doing pleasure, a business doing pleasure with you

You got me walkin' past the fellas
Holdin' drinks with pink umbrellas
on some island that I can't even spell
Then we slide over to Gucci
Right before we go for sushi
That's a version of my personal hell
You just spent all day long trying on Louis Vitton
There's a thousand things that I'd rather do
Lord my mom would beat me senseless
if she saw what I was spending on you
It's a business doing pleasure, a business doing pleasure with you

Your gonna break my bank before too long
I'm taking out a loan
But when you turn your kind of lovin' on
Honey I just can't say no, no no no no no no

Your gonna break my bank before too long
I'm running out of dough
But when you turn you kind of magic on
Honey I just can't say no, no no no

Maybe I'll play the stock market
Put some money in my pocket
ain't no telling what your gonna need next
I need to steal a Sherman tank
just to break into a bank
I pray to God this song will be a success
All my buddies think it's funny
Cause I'm spending all my money
On some honey like there's something to prove
Cause for a little of your lovin'
there ain't nothing much that I wouldn't do
It's a business doing pleasure, a business doing pleasure with you


  1. I never heard that song before...wow it's insane!! Sad part is that there are so many guys and girls out there that do this for their SO. Me and my guy try to split things evenly. When it comes to household bills and groceries its even right down the middle. When it goes to eating out we actually only order pizza once a week or go out when we have gift cards or on vacation, and with that it's everyother time we take turns unless he is doing well with poker or I got a bonus then we like to treat the other.

  2. I love that song!! It took me a few times hearing it though before I caught on to the lyrics!

    My bf and I are pretty even, we split 50/50. The only exception to that is on the rare occasion, usually about once a month, when I absolutely do not feel like cooking dinner. If we order out I usually end up paying, but if he's got extra money he'll split it with me.

  3. Hahah I love that song! It's very catchy. I imagine myself doing a country 2-step to it. :) And I think this line is hilarious "I pray to God this song will be a success" - cheeky reference to the juggernaut that is country empire of Tim McGraw.

  4. LOL I haven't heard that song yet but I love Timmy.

    I haven't been paying for things as evenly as I should/want to, but I try to pay my share as much as possible. I do have friends whose girls expected the world and more from them, though. It's a shame.

  5. The deal with me moving to Ottawa was that I didn't have to be obligated to pay household bills if I didn't earn enough money. I pay for my OSAP, girly products, and any car expenses. Paul pays for all the household items (he already had the house before he met me so it wasn't that much of a stretch).

    However I am paying more for the wedding and when I make enough money supplying I pay a few bills.