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Monday, March 1, 2010

February Spending, March Goals

February was an expensive month. I spent a total of $1669 eeeeek! The breakdown:

Expenses (Total $959)
Car - $506 (I had some repairs, an oil change, not typical)
Food - $4
Restaurant - $22
Clothing - $0
Gifts - $6
Personal - $77 (pills and some foundation)
Education - $50 (applied to several jobs)
Phone - $42
Everything Else - $252 (this was for some books, $26 mailing fee, fabric, and some CC payment leftover from Jan, no interest was paid at least)

Debt (Total $300)
Family loan - $300

Savings (Total $410)
Christmas/Gifts - $60
TFSA/E-Fund - $250
Travel Fund - $100

Wasn't a great month with car expenses and buying books I really didn't need.

Looking forward to March, I want to spend way less on my car. At least $300 to my family loan again. I'm hoping at least $400 also to savings. I also want to get my hair cut and highlighted. I hope to be busy with work this week to help with these things!


  1. $4 on food? Did I read that correctly?!?

  2. Yes, an advantage of living at home.

  3. I cant believe you spent 4 bucs on food. Lucky. And car problems usually throw budgets in whack. I think you did great though. :)

  4. I think you did great. Think of it this way... 18% was to pay off DEBT and 24% was into SAVINGS.

    And if it wasn't for your car... you could have done more. Your car was 30% of your total expense.

    Doesn't that put everything into perspective?

  5. That does put it into better perspective. I should do the percentages more often. Thanks :)