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Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? I had a fun weekend. I left my house early on Saturday morning to visit my cousin and her boyfriend in Toronto. We got our eyebrows done (the girl waxed, threaded, plucked and cut them), it was my first time getting that done EVER. I was so nervous but it really wasn't that painful. We also did some shopping at Costco, I love that store! We met up with my BF then on the subway and went to see a comedy show at Absolute Comedy. It was very funny!! What is weird too, is that I only know about 5-10 people that live in Toronto, and I saw one of them there, a guy from my Teacher's College class. It's such a small world!!

We drove to BF's house after and celebrated his friend's birthday. On Sunday BF made me breakfast, we watched some funny animal youtube videos, we washed my car, and bought a few things for his new apartment. It was a really fun weekend. I spent $40 at Costco (some books, and cards), $30 at the comedy club, $10 at the bar celebrating BF's friend's birthday, and $20 on eating out. No more spending this week!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I always wanted to check out that comedy show too.

    I like getting my eyebrows done every once in awhile. It's not scary although does hurt a bit but you get used to it.I don't have a unibrow but I totally feel more confident after having it professionally groomed.

  2. Haha I know what you mean. I used to always just pluck them, try to shape them myself. But she did a much better job! I think I'll keep it up, it's pretty inexpensive and much easier.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Do you recommend the place you got your brows done? Where was it?

  4. Yes I would recommend it. It was at the Scarborough Town Centre, and I want to say it was called En Vogue but I can't remember for sure. It was on the lower level.

  5. Cool, thanks. It's a little far for me - I live in the city - but if I'm out that way I'll keep it in mind.