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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Mileage

Jessie did a post in February asking others, "what's your mileage?" I had never calculated this before. However I was curious after I read this post. I have recenely calculated this mileage for the last 5 times I filled up.

I range from 6.4litres/100km (36.38 miles per US gallon) to 7.7litres/100km (34.45 miles per US gallon). I got these calculations from a mileage calculator (so easy) from this website. I do mostly highway travelling due to work. I also travelled above the speed limit most of the time.

Some ways to save save on fuel are to slow down. This one is easier said than done though.

Don't drive, or limit driving. The weather is getting nicer, can you walk? Can you do all of your errands in one trip?

You should check your tire pressure. Keep 'em pumped up!

Accelerate at a gradual pace. The faster you burn it from a stop or slow speed the more fuel you are using.

Travel at a constant speed. This goes along with the last one, the less shifting your car has to do, the better, especially in traffic jams.


  1. I usually always drive at 100 on the highways, or just 10 above other speed limits, except for in town at 40 or 50

    I hate braking. So I go slow so I don't have to break but I just take my foot off the gas instead.

    I also set my cruise control a lot.

  2. thanks for the link!

    You get excellent milleage! What do you drive??

  3. I hate braking too. I take my foot off the gas too, my car slows pretty fast when I do that. I wish I had cruise control!

    I drive a Toyota Tercel. It's a small car so it has pretty good mileage. Probably better if I didn't go above the speed limit.