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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Day Got Worse

I worked today in a Grade Five class. What an awful class! Such attitude! Some kids just flat out refused to do their work, one refused to even enter the class!! I don't think I've had a worse class. Both an EA and the French teacher made me feel better though when they told me it is like this EVERY DAY!!

After school I was driving home on the highway and I saw a school bus in the right lane with it's flashing lights and the stop sign come out. I was in the left lane at the time and I slowed to a stop. I was the first car stopped. I look in my rearview mirror and the car behind me comes to a quick stop but stops behind me. Then as I'm waiting for the bus to start moving again I hear SCREEEEEECHHH, I look in my rearview quickly and see a minivan coming toward us and I think I move my car up a bit (I forget) and I hear a huge CRASH and all I could see was the minivan crash into the car behind me and glass flying everywhere!

I sat in my car stunned for a few moments. The kids in the bus were shocked too watching the scene take place. I moved my car over to the right side of the highway and park off to the side. The mom who got her kids off the bus runs to the car that was smashed behind me. Thankfully no one was hurt in the accident, just shaken up. The woman driving the minivan was REALLY pregnant, at least 8 months I would say! I hope everything is okay with her and baby. She was on her phone walking after a few moments. The paramedics came and checked the two girls out and then the police came and took a statement from all four of us. SO THANKFUL that no one was hurt! Definitely shook me up, my knees and hands were shaking for the whole time I was on the side of the road.

Remember ALWAYS pay attention when driving! Stop for buses that are stopping and slow down when you see flashing lights. Also if you witness an accident occur, you should pull over, call 911, check to see if anyone is injured, and wait for the police to give your statement and information. Drive Safe!! :)


  1. Grade 5 kids are buggers! That's for sure.

    I'm so glad everyone was okay with that crash.

  2. gosh! at least everyone was safe.

    i hope your car didn't get bumped/rear-ended. usually if the car behind you is to close, they'll bump the one in front of them also.

  3. oh man thats a bad age to teach, lol they are so bratty at that age.

    Glad that everybody was ok!

  4. that is horrible - I would have felt the same as you did --- I hate when things like that happen.