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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

I went in for a half day today teaching Spec-Ed at my old elementary school. I was preparing my day, and I get a call to come down to see the principal in the grade 7/8 classroom. I go and he is there with the kids and asks me to forget what I was supposed to be doing and that he needs to change my schedule to cover the 7/8 class, they weren't able to get a supply for her. Then he asks what I'm doing for the afternoon. Nothing. He asks me to stay for the afternoon too. Woohoo. I've been getting a lot of work lately which has been really nice. The payday in 2 weeks will be pretty good compared to lately.

I didn't have a lunch though, and I was supposed to meet my mom and grandpa for his birthday lunch at Swiss Chalet. Lucky for me it was only about 5 minutes from the school. So I still got to go out for lunch with my grandpa and back with lots of time before the bell rang. Practiced some sign language with him too. Unfortunately my weekend ASL class was cancelled so it was nice to be able to practice with someone fluent.

Tomorrow is payday, yay! Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and weekend.


  1. Thats great that you are getting lots of work!

    I have been meaning to ask you- how long did it take you to pay back your student loans and what type of strategy did you use to pay them off?

  2. It took me 17 months including the grace period, or 11 months not including the grace period. The strategy I had was throw everything I earned on there, work as much as possible, and save a little for gas money. Living at home helped a ton. My mom and uncle had some money accumulating since I was a kid so that got thrown on there as well, it was $5500. The government gave me a grant of $3000 to help pay it off. I paid as much as I could each paycheque so that I would have as little interest accumulate by the end of the month when my "regular" OSAP payment came out. I pretty much had no life which eventually made me go on a mini spending spree. Now I am trying to catch up with some savings that the loan is paid off. Life is tough...it sure was nice to see that debt going down, almost as nice as it is seeing those savings going up.