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Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Weekend and Looking Ahead

I didn't spend a cent! Woohoo!!! It was a bit of a boring weekend, I watched about 4 hours of Gene Simmons Family Jewels yesterday. But no spending too which makes me happy :)

BF is coming up this weekend and I want to take him out somewhere. I was thinking maybe a maple syrup farm if they are still in season, or go out to a movie. We'll decide later, but neither will be too expensive. He is going to come up Thursday and stay until Sunday.

I worked today. I was expecting no work at all this week since it's the week after March Break. The principal also asked me if I would work for one of his teachers on Thursday. Then another teacher came up and asked me if I was interested in covered him for 6 days in May. He wants to recommend me to his principals (he works at 2 different schools) because I work well and have been in for him a few times. That would be great if the principals are able to set that up, he said no guarantees that they will allow it though. It is very nice of them to even think of me for a job though!

April is a 3 paycheque month and a GST cheque month so I hope to put around $800 toward debt! Hope the work keeps coming in!!


  1. Lol i love gene simmons family jewels! Did you see the one about the letters in the cupboard? That was so sweet!

  2. Haha yeah that was cute! What a story! Great that they were able to return that photograph!

  3. Lazy weekends are always good. Good luck on the job front, hopefully that all works out!

  4. That's great! That must mean that you're a good substitute teacher if everyone asks you specially! =)

    Congrats on no spend weekend- sometimes those can be hard to come by! =P