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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

BF came on Thursday evening and just left about 2 hours ago. We had a nice weekend. We watched some TTDUP, played some wii, watched a new show he likes Breaking Bad, he watched a chickflick with me, we cooked my family supper together, had a fancy drink night, played some bingo lottery tickets, hung out with family, did some grocery shopping, ordered supper one night. We went to my storage unit and went through a lot of my stuff there and picked what we wanted to keep for the apartment this summer and what to give away or discard. He ended up taking quite a bit back with him, mostly kitchen supplies. We also spent an hour talking with my family and neighbours listening to a wind-up radio in candlelight for Earth Hour last night. Did anyone else participate in Earth Hour? We had a nice time, it flew by quickly. I spent $10 on ordering supper, and $5 on lottery tickets, and $31 on groceries.

Next weekend is Easter. My cousin (best-friend) is coming up, it will be nice to see her. It's April too in just a few days! I don't remember a March being this warm ever! I remember a few years back though the snow had almost melted and on April Fool's Day we got a big snowfall! I wonder if that will happen again this year!!? I sure hope not, I'm enjoying the sunshine and lack of winter boots.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful quality weekend together :-)

  2. Yes, I took part in Earth Hour here in the UK; it was great to sit in candlelight and just talk to hubby; we need to do it more often!