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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Break

I've been getting pretty steady work the past few weeks which is AWESOME. I think it might have to do with teachers wanting some extra time off to work on report cards, but I will take it anyway I can get it! I taught kindergarten yesterday which is one of my favourite grades to teach :) Today I didn't receive any calls for school but they called me at the rec centre to work at the child centre there (good timing) and so I worked a few hours there and was able to get some programming done for the March Break activities I will be running next week.

It's almost March Break!! Where has this year even gone? It's good though. I've been fairly productive. I taught myself a new crochet technique today, how to make a ripple pattern, but I can only do it using a single crochet, the double crochet messes me up. I'll work on it. I also went to the gym today with my brother, I think I'll be feeling it tomorrow since I haven't been doing any exercises lately, lack of motivation.

This Sunday is BF's grandpa's 88th birthday. BF asked me if I wanted to go to Toronto this weekend again and spend Friday and Saturday night at a hotel. Of course I said yes. I'm excited for it, it's always nice to stay at a hotel for a little bit, mini-vacation for us. His master's formal is coming up (I like to call it the prom) and so I need a dress for it so I'm hoping to go shopping for one while we are in Toronto. I was actually thinking about making a dress, but it's in less than a month (April 4th) and I just don't think I'll be able to get it done having never made a dress before. A month might be cutting it short. I own ONE dress (I recently donated a couple to the Salvation Army) and I've worn it the past few dress-worthy occasions so it's time to invest in another one, hopefully one on sale!

This prom coming up is also an incentive to make me want to exercise better and eat well. My brother's co-worker gave him a bunch of cookies that she made yesterday, they were huge and heavy like steaks, and I had 4 yesterday and ate the last 2 today :( I've probably gained a few pounds in the past week. Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and start eating healthier (less steak-size cookies at least) to look good in my dress.

Do you have any March Break plans?


  1. Report cards are definitely a stressful time. We're there now. In SK we don't get a March break though. We get three days in Feb (and 2 for conference) and we get time at Easter. Right now, Easter seems a long way off LOL

  2. Oh, dress shopping is always fun! I love buying dresses- although I don't always have places to wear them so they sometimes collect some dust :S Either way, I have a nice collection for a rainy day :)

    I would suggest checking out the Winners in Toronto because they have some awesome dresses that are cheaper (than other dress shops) and the dresses are unique so you won't have the same dress as anyone else!

  3. Oh who knew! That's too bad you don't get some time off in March too, those conference days shouldn't count! What grade do you teach anyway Jolie (if you don't mind me asking)? I'm not sure if you have mentioned it before.

    I do enjoy dress shopping, and BF is so patient with me shopping. I will definitely see if we can find a Winners. I also like Sears, they have a big selection and many are my style and typically on sale. I'm excited for it, wherever we go.