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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do You Gamble?

I gamble every once in a while. I like to buy the occassional scratch ticket, and I buy Tim Horton's hot chocolate only when the Roll up the Rim to Win is taking place. I have been to the casino twice in my life. Once when I turned 19, and I broke even. One other time I went with BF, and I spent about $10 but we listened to a cover band so it was fun.

My roommate and her boyfriend are coming up to my town on Friday. She has mentioned to me in a text that she wouldn't mind going to the casino that is about 45 minutes from my house. I haven't replied. I'm not sure if I want to go really. She said she wants to play the tables, I don't even know how to play any of those games! I might tag along for fun and play a bit. I'll limit myself though, $20 perhaps. Hmmmm.

Have you ever gambled? Do you gamble often? How much do you usually spend when you go to a casino? Have you ever come home with more than you left with? Do you play the tables or the slots?


  1. I don't gamble often, but when I do, roulette is really easy and fun. And like you, I set a limit ($20-$40). I see it more as my entertainment cost, but both times I've gone I made some money, so that's fun.

  2. I don't gamble very often...I have been to a casino 2x in my life. The third will be next weekend when I go away with my friends. There's a casino near where we're going. I limit myself to $20 and I play the slots. Once I am out of my original money, I stop. It's fun if you know your limit and play within it...lol I sound like an OLG commercial!

  3. My mom and I like to go together about once or twice a year. We go to the slots/racetrack nearby. I usually will spend about $20-$30. Once I won like $90 :)

  4. I go to the casino once or twice a year with some friends for a night out. None of us are real gamblers and we all limit ourselves to somewhere between $20 and $40. We always play the slots. I enjoy just walking around and people watching while I'm there. The most I've ever won is about $100, but my one friend won almost $1000 (off of her original $20).

    If you do go, don't bring any credit or debit cards with you. You automatically limit yourself. Also, go in expecting to lose the $20 or $40 you brought with you. Remember this is another form of "entertainment".

  5. I've never really been inside a casino. The most I do is lottery tickets like 649 and super 7.