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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

April Fools! It's not Christmas. Did I get ya?? Okay my April Fools jokes are pretty lame. My mom did trick me this morning. She asked if I was working, and when I said no she said, "Well if you do get work today make sure you wear something warm because it snowed again." It was early and I believed her for about 2.2 seconds then said, "Haha April Fools." She did get me though. Then I texted my BF and roommate who are both coming up this weekend and told them the same thing, that we have snow again. My roommate believed me! BF hasn't texted me back yet, but I'm sure he won't be fooled.

Today was also a payday! Early payday because tomorrow is a holiday! So I paid off my MC and paid $300 to my TFSA. Side bars are updated. I also threw an extra $40 to my Family Loan just to make it an even number.

Some April goals are to pay $1000 to my family loan. I'm hoping I get enough work in the next two weeks to be able to do this!! I want to put at least $150 toward the Holland fund, and another $150 toward my roommates wedding fund. We are buying them a wii. I think I will end up buying the gift (if I can FIND one available somewhere!!) and BF will pay for the hotel. Ideas of where to buy a wii?? Has anyone seen one available in Ontario somewhere?!? They have been sold out for the past two months I have been looking!


  1. As a teacher, I loathed April Fools Day. They often can grow mean, though I've been safe so far *knock on wood*. We love it when the 1st falls on a weekend or during Easter LOL

  2. Did you receive any tricks yet Jolie? Hope your day goes well! Do you play tricks on your students too? I remember in grade 5 my teacher said that he lost our essays we had handed in and that we were going to have to redo them. We were sooo mad saying it was unfair, and then he tells us it was an April Fools joke and hands them out to us. Grr. :)

  3. I bought my Wii on Ebay, new. You might try that if you can't find it. You could also have it shipped to the couple if you wanted. :)

  4. If I don't like to receive, then I try not to 'give'. We joke around enough as it is I am not sure they would believe me. I got off lucky, so far, I think. They merely hid all my coffee cups, which the found out, I have a lot of.

  5. i will admit i was quite confused with the title when it showed up in my blog roll. tee hee.

    happy Halloween to you too!

  6. Toys R us is a good place to look for a Wii...also, the Superstores sometimes have them, and if you plan it right with their coupons you can get a discount!