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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Income Tax In!!

I got the mail today and I received my new mastercard. It includes the pay pass and the chip. It's pretty cool haha. Also in the mail was my income tax cheque!

Grand total of $2037!!!! How sweet is that? So I went to the bank to deposit the cheque. I was hoping the bank would still be open so that I could withdraw a large chunk of that cheque but it was closed so I had to go to the machine and they would only let me withdraw $1000.

That money is going toward my E-fund. If I have time tomorrow I will withdraw another $500 and totally fund it. I also transferred another $75 to Christmas/Gifts, $100 to TFSA, and $250 to Travel. I also want to take BF for supper this weekend. He has paid for a lot of dates lately. Annnnnd that will pretty much take care of my entire income tax return. Sure easy to get rid of money, but I feel it's going to responsible places. April has been a great month so far!

Now to update those side bars!


  1. yay for refunds!!!!! good job in putting it on your EF and to Christmas and Holiday Savings.

  2. Doesn't your bank hold a portion of the funds for 5-7 days??

    I'd be careful not to overdraw into your limit & pay fees.

    YAY FOR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love refunds! Enjoy!

  4. FB is right your bank will likely hold the rest of your cheque for a few business days because you deposited it in the bank machine. You may need to go into your bank and see if they can increase your unverified funds limit.

  5. Wow. NICE.
    Mine came in too... And then I gave it to my dad. ~__~;

  6. According to your side bar you have $1600 left until you are out of debt. If you had put it all to what your goal SHOULD be, you would be out of debt by now and have $400 towards your Efund.

    You shouldn't split your focus. Get out of debt first, especially if that is really the end of your debt and fund your Efund. Then and ONLY then, should you be funding your extra fun stuff like travel and gifts.

    Nice to have the money, but not good use of it.

  7. Why do you still have debt, yet over funded your gift fund? You need to figure out your priorities.