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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pay Day

Pay Day was on Friday. YAY!

I received my regular pay from teaching, and then I got another pay from my job working at the rec centre. I THOUGHT they underpaid me last time but wasn't sure because I hadn't received my pay stub yet. So I was excited to receive an extra $130 from them this week.

BF found and bought a wii so $140 went to him. Since it was like extra money I hadn't budgeted yet, I just used the extra pay money to give to him instead of taking it out of the Christmas/Gift fund. Also because it was still extra unbudgeted money I was still able to contribute to the Christmas/Gift Fund with this pay day! That's why it is so high right now! It will continue to grow until September when it is BFs birthday and graduation, that will be an expensive month. I'm thinking about either buying him a TV or a game system which will be expensive. His parents bought him an ipod touch for finishing school this week. After September I will have to work to get it back up to $500 before Christmas time.

I was also able to put $150 toward travel. I have now passed my goal of $500, and I think I am going to aim for $1000 to take on the trip now. Double my original budget! I know, not the greatest thing to do, but this is a once in a lifetime trip and I doubt I will spend it all. I just want to make sure I can cover everything I want to do. Side bars are going to change soon to reflect this new goal.

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