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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Family Loan Plan

My plan is to pay off my family loan. Then I want to save up $2000 in my regular bank account. That way I have the required $1500 to avoid bank fees, and I have a bit of leeway room in case. I also like to transfer my savings money a few days before paydays because it takes a few days to transfer to ING. I also have $2000 which will serve as my emergency fund if I need it. I am not ready to get rid of my regular bank account so I think this works out well. Hopefully I will get the family loan paid off and the regular bank account up to $2000 by New Years. $500 more went to the Family Loan tonight. YAY!

Therefore, my TFSA that I'm working on will no longer need to serve as my emergency fund and will instead be a planned spending account. I'm thinking car, wedding, house. My car hit 200,000km yesterday and as much as I hope to see it hit 300,000km I will try to prepare for not making it.

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  1. I can't believe how quickly you are meeting your goals! It's really inspiring!