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Monday, April 12, 2010

Some People!

Ugh! I'm not even that mad, I'm more disappointed. Let me tell you why.

My brother (lets call him K) a few weeks ago asks me if I will take him to Barrie (an hour away). K doesn't drive, yes he has his G2 but he does not like driving at all! I say sure I can take him but it will have to be on a day I have off and he pays for gas. He said sure. I get a call that night to work for a half day the next day in Barrie. How convenient, he is standing next to me at the time and I ask him if he wants to go, he says no. Why, I'm not sure. He is a bit of a lazy butt sometimes. Would have been more convenient and I said I would pay for gas.

Fast forward to today. K asks me if I will take him to Barrie sometime this week if I have time off. I say okay I can do that. My mom calls about an hour later (brothers are half sleeping). She asks if they still plan on going to Barrie today. I ask K and he says no because he is not feeling well. I let her know this and she says then she won't bother rushing home to give her car to them. I mention to her out of earshot of K and L (brother 2) that they can borrow my car since I'm not working today if they really need it anyway.

My mom then comes home for lunch (another chance to use take the car and drop her off at work). I mention that I have some errands to run today. My mom leaves with her car. L then comes to me and asks if K still plans on going to Barrie. I tell him that K says he is not feeling well so no but he should ask him in case. L asks K and K says he WILL GO!! I hear them talking about going. Thinking to myself how do they plan on getting there?? Chance for my mom's car has come and gone, and they haven't come to me to ask for my car.

I am sitting in my room organizing some things to get ready to make my trip to the library and bank and I hear the house door open and close and they are off....IN MY CAR!!!! I was surprised/mad/disappointed at that moment. I would totally let them borrow it if they had asked, but nothing!

I just think that is rude. They were not raised like that, they know I would have said yes and they took the asking part for granted. Maybe they thought it was okay because I had told K I would take him later this week, or maybe they thought it was okay because L asked if K had still planned on going to Barrie today after my mom had gone back to work and I had told him to ask K himself. Either way I still think it would have been polite for them to ask. They will also get to see my car hit 200,000km, lame but I wanted to see all those 0s come up! I will wait now to see if they fill up my tank when they return. L already owes me a tank, grrrrr. Some people!

Sorry for the vent :S


  1. It absolutely would have been proper for them to ask you without just heading out the door and going down the road. Vent away here among supporting ears.

  2. This is one of my biggest pet peeves - I hate it when people "borrow" without asking! It shouldn't even be called "borrowing" in that scenario, it's more like unlawful snatching. I'm sure they'll realize the mistake and repay you somehow!

  3. Boo for sucky brothers. Im wondering if I did these things to my sister too....probably ;)