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Monday, April 26, 2010

This and That

I worked today so I had to have my brother take in my car to get the new tires. It ended up costing $247, blah! I'm glad it is done though. The tires were only $69 each, and the rest was labour etc. It costs so much to have THEM change my tires. I really need to learn. Hopefully the equipment necessary isn't too expensive. But if I learn that will save me $140 per year!!! Just changing tires (once a year to change from winter tires and once a year to change back to winter tires)!!

I taught Grade 5 today and this kid who needs a computer to do his work printed 100 copies of another boys speech while I wasn't looking. Sneaky little devil!!

BF came this weekend which was nice. He is moving to a new apartment in Toronto for his placement (he will be there for 6 weeks) this weekend so I will be travelling there on Saturday once he is moved in. We're looking for some inexpensive ideas of things to do around Toronto. I'm thinking we might go to the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Science Centre and Reptilia (just because I get in free as a teacher and can take a friend to Reptilia for free). He also wants to possibly go to Casa Loma. He's not very into art and I've been to ROM at least 6 times. Any suggestions?

I bought some books using gift cards I received for Christmas last week and spent about $25 extra. My roommate is getting married this summer and her birthday is in May, I got her this cute book called "How To Get Married, By Me The Bride." It's written from the perspective of a 6 year old, it's cute! I think she will like it. She is a supply teacher too so she can use it in the future.

I'm volunteering for a couple of hours tonight and need to get ready. I hope you have a great week and are able to enjoy some of the sunshine!!


  1. The Riverdale Farm (http://www.friendsofriverdalefarm.com/tips.htm) is nice if you like farms, and free. (And a different part of Toronto to walk around in if you haven't been there before.)

    High Park has a small zoo (http://www.highpark.org/zoo.htm) which is also free.

  2. Parks:
    High Park - Cherry Blossoms are in bloom.
    Scarborough Bluffs - totally gorgeous
    Ashton Bridges Bay - Love the boardwalk

    Exploration Ideas:
    Queen St West - Very punk/trendy neighbourhood
    Yorkville - Very posh/trendy neighbourhood
    Little Italy/Little Portugal - Good eats.
    Chinatown - Just fun & cheap groceries.

    Other ideas:
    Toronto Zoo - Not cheap. But good and fun trip.
    Doors Open Toronto - May 29-30 - Tons of interesting buildings will be opened to the public for free

    There's also LOTS of festivals and events going on in Toronto starting mid-May to Labour Day. EVERY week, there's usually at least 2 MAJOR festivals/events happening.

    Check it out:

  3. I do enjoy farms, my mom grew up on one in my town and BF said he would be interested in going to both High Park and Riverdale Farm.

    That Toronto.com website is really good, even have a section on frugal activities! I also have a cousin in Scarborough so might have to look up that Scarborough Bluffs too and see if we can meet up. Thanks!!

    Those festivals sound awesome, Toronto sounds like it would be a lot of fun in the summer.