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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Tires

Yesterday I visited with my friend. Usually we end up going out for lunch or supper but since both of us are on a budget, we decided to make lunch and go for a walk. It was great! I love free/inexpensive activities!

After visiting her I loaded up my old tires and headed to the local tire service company. I showed them my two tires (the other two were discarded when I got my snow tires on). They looked at them and took some numbers and he booked an appointment for Monday for my car. I think if I understood everything correctly that they will take off my old snowtires and put on the two tires I still had, and two new tires for about $200. I hope I understood it correctly, I guess I will find out Monday!

Darn cars.


  1. Sorry to hear about the car costs but at least it's only 2tires

  2. tires are tricky.

    you don't want to brand new tires - you want two used tires that match the wear (tread left) on your current set.

    hopefully that's what he's going to sell you. plus used tires are a bit cheaper.