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Monday, April 5, 2010

Added To The Funds

Today I put $150 to the Christmas/Gift Fund which brings me up to 87%. However I am going to withdraw about $200 shortly to purchase a wedding gift for my university roommate.

I also put $175 toward the Travel Fund which brings me up to 90%. I want to bring more than $500 though since I am beginning to think that may be a low number for a 3 week vacation. I am going to aim for at LEAST $700. If I come back with money that will be great to keep in the travel fund, but if I spend more than $500 I at least know I am covered.

My dad also did my income tax today and he said that I should be getting a pretty good return. He did not give me exact numbers so I'm not exactly sure what that means right now but I'm hoping it will help me contribute to the debt and funds! I'm just glad I don't OWE money!!

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