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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Does Size Matter?

BF and I were looking at engagement rings this weekend. Just for fun...no engagement is a while off. But I was curious to see what I liked and would not like. Also what clarity (flaws to the human eye), cut (how sparkley it is), colour (colourless to yellowish), and carat (how big it is) all meant. Well we found out! It was actually REALLY fun and enlightning! I tried on several different rings, the most expensive being $10,000!!!! I wore something worth $10,000, I'm still kind of amazed by that haha, I'm surprised they let you try things like that on so easy. I didn't even like the $10,000 ring. It was set too high, and surprisingly to me (and BF) it was too big.

Too big??

I tried on a bunch of other rings, and we even got to look at the diamonds through that special diamond magnifying glass. It was cool! The one I decided I liked best was a round cut 0.50 carat diamond with really small diamonds on either side of the centre stone, and the band in white gold. It was so pretty, and now BF knows the style I like.

What do you want your engagement ring to look like, is there a certain size you want it? If you are married what does yours look like? Just curious what others like.


  1. There is DEFINITELY "too big." One of my dearest friends has a monster engagement ring that literally frightens me, it's probably 1.5 carats with tons of little diamonds surrounding it. And I swear to you, it looks like it gets bigger each time I see it again.

    I rub my eyes all the time, and sometimes with the back of my hand (habit from cooking, so I wouldn't rub lemon/spices in my eyes) so I'm afraid I'd put out an eye with a rock. But if I had to have one, I'd like it to be smallish, flattish, roundish. :D

  2. Before I got married I knew exactly what I wanted my engagement ring to look like. . . But I still don't have it! Hubby and I eloped and didn't have time to get rings. After we were married we bought the wedding bands that we liked but we still haven't bought my "engagement ring."
    I want something around .75 but hubby refuses to buy anything smaller than 1Ct. I have short fingers and small hands and I think something like that would look silly on me. . . Plus it will add several years to the time it takes to save up for it!

    It's a good idea to take the BF ring shopping though, that way when the time comes he won't have to be stressed out about what to get you ;)

  3. Like Debt Free Girl, my "engagement" ring was bought after the wedding! It is small-ish. It has a .3 centre round stone with a round stone and a baguette on either side. My wedding band is similar with small round stones and baguettes as well. They are both white gold.
    As a teacher, especially if you plan on working with small children, there is definitely too big. If your ring sits too high, it could easily catch on things. I tried some on like that and I could tell it would get it in the way.
    It sounds like you have found something you like. Good luck!

  4. Yeah, Revanche is right. There is something as too big or too small. It's dependent on the person wearing it mostly. A smallish thin girl would look ridiculous wearing a big diamond. It needs to be a thin dainty band with a small-average size. Whereas a bigger girl could pull off a bigger size diamond.

    Personally, I've been becoming an anti-bride lately. I'm not big on diamonds and would actually prefer just a titanium (or white gold) band.

  5. My engagement ring is a round cut solitaire with a diamond .67 carat, sitting on a 4mm wide plain, gold band (cost $5000). It's plenty big, not too overstated, but just right for my long, thin fingers. My wedding band is a plain gold band, no diamonds, 6mm wide, so slightly wider than the engagement ring (cost $100).

  6. I do think there's such thing as too big. Mine is a simple round 0.5 solitaire in a tiffany setting and I have small hands... my friend has the same size hands, and her ring is a 0.7 princess cut centre stone with 2 side stones and it totally over powers her hand. It's beautiful but looks very "blingy." I think the setting will also make your diamond look bigger or smaller.