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Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Spending

Another weekend of spending. I seriously need to just lock myself in the house on the weekend and then no spending will be done. I went to Toronto on Friday. We stayed at a hotel (BF covered it) until Sunday there. We met in Toronto because it is about the half way mark between BF and I. It worked out well because his grandpa's birthday was on Sunday and we were supposed to meet his family there for a b-day lunch.

Saturday we went out shopping. My goal was to find a dress for his "prom" (graduation formal). I tried on a bunch, and found one I liked but it was a bit too casual for a formal. I did buy it though ($45 from Sears) to wear in the summer, maybe even to the wedding we are going to in July. We also went to a Corelle store and I told BF I would buy him a housewarming gift and I wanted it to be new dishes. I love corelle, and so we picked some out. In total I spent $179 there, along with a few handy kitchen tools and some corningware. We went out for lunch and supper that day too, breakfast was continental at the hotel (thankfully).

Sunday we woke up early, although with the time change it wasn't THAT early. BF got a call from his family saying his grandpa wanted to call off the b-day because he wasn't feeling 100%, so we were kind of in Toronto for no reason this weekend but it was a fun getaway for us. We went shopping again that morning to find that dress! That's when we looked at engagement rings (sigh) and I bought a couple of work shirts ($33). Then finally we found another mall (there are tons of malls in Toronto!!) and it had a Winners. There I found a dress I liked!!! Yay, and it was only $33! What a deal, thanks Christina for reminding me about Winners :)

I spent more than I wanted to this weekend because of the dishes, but less than expected on the dresses! Next weekend I'm staying home, no more spending!! Hope you all had a great weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Not a problem at all.. I'm glad I could be of help.. and I can't believe you found a dress for $33!!! Thats awesome :)