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Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Goals

Ah, 2011 has been here for a half-month already. But I was away so that's my excuse. Anyway, these are my 2011 goals.


Contribute another $5000 to my TFSA. It's currently standing  at $6350.

Contribute another $500 to Travel Fund. I wiped it out to go to Dominican, so it's currently at $0. I may or may not travel in 2011 but would like to put money toward travel anyway.

Contribute another $1000 to RRSPs. I currently have $1000 tucked away into two $500 RSPs. I know this is still a small amount but anything helps at this point.

In 2011 want to make an extra $2011 in ways OTHER than teaching.

I want to start a computer fund as well. Mine turns off when it feels like it and I am not sure it will last too much longer. So a fund will help when the time comes. I'm going to set this at $500.

I loved having money at Christmastime without having to use my credit card. I want to contribute $800 again to Christmas/Gift Fund. This was soo helpful!


I want to STRETCH daily. I am still not very flexible but I want to work on that more. I stretched a lot more last year and want to keep that up.

I want to maintain my body weight and tone it up. I am 5'6 and range from 115-125lbs. Typically hovering in the 120 region. I am not very strong though so would like to tone up. Let's say 15 boy push-ups and 50 sit-ups no problem by the end of 2011. I'll try to work on this most days as well.

I want to take a fitness class of some sort. I am thinking kickboxing, or a dance class. The trouble with living in a small town is finding things like this that allow beginner adults to join. I took fitness classses here when I first graduated and didn't sign up again because the other members were so much older than I was. I can't let this get me down.

I want to go SCUBA diving at least once this year. Now that I am certified and love the sport I want to go again. Maybe with D sometime this summer in our area.

Take a sign-language class. I LOVE this language and want to learn more about it. I NEED to sign up for another one. Hopefully there will be one held close to my region sometime soon. I feel like I am already losing a bunch of the signs I once knew.

Read 10 books. I only got to 6 or 7 last year. I really enjoy reading so I think 10 is doable.


  1. Just to be sure, you didn't contribute anything in 2011 to your TFSA right?

    Just wondering because you said you wanted to contribute another $5000 to your TFSA but your TFSA from 2010 stands at $6350, which means you gained $1350 from the year before, without any extra amounts put in from 2011.

    Just don't want you to get penalized :)

  2. You goals are excellent, I hope you achieve every one of them.

  3. Best of luck with your 2011 goals, sounds like you really thought them out.