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Monday, January 17, 2011

Most Depressing Day of the Year

That's today. They were talking about "Blue Monday" (it even has a name) on the radio this morning on my way to work. They say today is the most depressing day of the year because people are in debt from holiday shopping, most have already failed at their new years resolutions, it's still cold and gloomy, and the holiday and new years cheer is gone.

Today I sure could have pressed the snooze button a few more times but it has turned out to be a pretty good day so far. I taught this morning, and now I have the afternoon to run some errands and finish my laundry.

I also got a pretty good start on my new years financial goals. I started a computer fund (will need to add a sidebar for that) and added $200 to it. I added $500 to my TFSA, and $150 to the Christmas fund, and $150 to Travel Fund. Not HUGE amounts, but I was tired of seeing those sidebars so low. I also paid my phone bill.

D wants me to pick up a reusable coffee filter for him and a library book. However I left my purse in Niagara region at a Christmas party this past weekend and do not have my library card so might only be able to get the filter (if I can even find one).

Well I hope you are having a good "Blue Monday!"

Hehe, oops! I just transfered all those things and totally forgot that I still owed my mom and D money. I owe a total of $400. I forgot about it because I am unable to actually go to the bank since my debit card is also in my purse in Niagara region. Oops!! Maybe I will electronically transfer the money if they require it before this weekend when I should get the purse back. Good thing it's payday this week!


  1. It,s definitely not blue day for me. it,s not dark gloomy or cold in fact the sun has shone all day.
    My New Year resolution was to do all the right things and stick to a budget, another box ticked, and I ran up no debt at all over Christmas.

    So today is yellow for me ..........

  2. Apparently there is something to this "Blue Monday". BF said it was one of the busiest days he has had at work since before Christmas (he does loan apps).