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Saturday, January 29, 2011

American Sign Language Weekend!

I signed up for a weekend of no talking!!! Am I crazy? Possibly.

But it's all about communicating with your hands, ASL. It's two weekends from now and I'm really excited about it. It's about 2 hours away from here and my roommate and her friend are also signing up for it. I haven't practiced ASL in a while so I am hoping I don't feel totally lost when I'm there.

I LOVE the language, it's amazing. I am also thinking about applying to become a teacher of the Deaf, so this may help me to decide whether it's something I want to pursue professionally or just out of interest.

The course is Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. It includes accommodation, food, two classes per day and activities. It cost $150. I think it will be fun!


  1. This sounds SO cool. I learned a little tiny bit of ASL when my first baby was a year old and wouldn't speak. I taught him various signs to communicate (probably 20-25 words/phrases). Once he learned to speak (through intensive speech therapy) he dropped all the signs. When my 2nd and 3rd babies arrived, they were chatty, right out of the starting gates so they never learned signs like he did.

    I remember at the time though, thinking I would LOVE to learn to communicate fluently in ASL... it's something I might eventually pursue as a personal growth goal... when I'm less busy mommying and have more "me" time.

    Have a great time at your no-talking weekend and be sure to report back here on your adventure.

  2. I think that's great!! Have fun with it!

  3. My Friends Daughter learned to sign, and when she went for a job with Virgin airways they accepted it as a second language. so you just never know when it will come in handy. She now uses it to communicate with her baby son.

  4. Thanks, you ladies are so supportive :) Love it!

    Makky's Mom, I think it's great you taught your first baby ASL. My parents taught me it too when I was born because I was a late speaker too. I also went to speech classes when I was young so it really helped them. Also allowed me to communicate a little with my grandparents.

    It is such a wonderful language! I will report back on it.

  5. That sounds really neat! I worked with hearing impaired individuals for 3 years but never learned ASL. But I still would really love to, just haven't had the time or the motivation.

    I think this it is going to be a super fun weekend!

  6. This sounds like fun! How was the experience? I've been attending classes like that and I treasured every minute of it. This is not just to acquire a new skill, but help us understand people with hearing impairment.