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Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Update

I worked on Friday at the Rec Centre. I am not enjoying that job, but it's extra income which is good. After work D and I went to Niagara region to visit his mom's side of the family for a Christmas party.

We got there really late and so chatted with his cousin and his girlfriend for a bit and then went to sleep. The next day we had breakfast and hung out for a bit with his cousin. Then we went to visit his grandparents (they are super cute, think the couple in Up!). We then went to see another one of his cousin's. Funny thing is, all these houses are right beside each other.

We went back to his grandparent's house for supper where we met up with some more cousins, an aunt and an uncle, and his sister and her husband. We had a great supper and then talked and played board games until it was time to go to bed. My cell's battery died this night and I did not bring a charger.

The real Christmas get-together was on Sunday but I had made plans where my roommate was going to come visit me. So we left early Sunday morning without getting to see the whole family. His family is really nice!!

We were running a bit late actually and sped home. As soon as I got home I charged my phone and went to text my roommate and it turned out she already texted me that she was no longer coming because she was feeling sick. I felt bad because we didn't really need to leave early afterall.

In the rush of leaving I also forgot my purse there at his grandparent's house. It's over 3 hours away so I wasn't going to run back to get it. Fortunately his cousin is coming up for a hockey practice this weekend so I will get it back then. It's just a little scary not having it. I don't have a licence or a debit card or any cash. I had my credit card in my coat pocket because I got gas on the way down and didn't transfer it back to my wallet thankfully. But I can see this being a pretty low spend week.

Last night I visited my cousin and we had supper at her parent's house. Then D and I watched "Burn After Reading" and part of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." We didn't watch much of the second movie though because I was too tired. Maybe tonight!

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