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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Decade Past

2000 - This was the beginning of a new millenium. I was excited for something big to happen, but unfortunately nothing did. I was 14, I was finishing up grade 9. I LOVED school, got along with everyone, enjoyed going to school dances and talking on the phone with a boy from school. This was my first summer having a REAL job (not babysitting) I scooped ice cream at a theme park, mmmm.

2001 - I was finishing up Grade 10, my friends were switching to a different school in town and I decided I would switch with my best friend in September. It was a great decision, I made so many new friends, being the new girl was fun. I went out a lot in the summer, stayed up late and had an awesome time.

2002 - I got a new summer job, had a crush on a boy I worked with. Found out in September that he liked me too, and we started dating. He was in OAC, I was in grade 12. I put my focus on my friends and school and we drifted apart. I was heartbroken that neither one of us put more effort into it.

2003 - This was high school graduation, high school prom, and finding out whether we got into the universities that we had applied to. I found out I was accepted to all of the schools I applied to, but decided I wanted to stay back in high school for another year to take Co-Op. When I spoke with the guidance counsellor to get this set up, she said Co-Op was full, and recommended that I go to university in the fall. I did. Only one other friend in my group of friends decided to go to post-secondary this year. I was extremely nervous, but once I got there I met some great friends that would eventually become my roommates and life-long friends. I failed my first test in university (first test I EVER failed). I hung out with a few different guys and then at a soccer party met a guy. I didn't like him at first but he was quite persistent and soon after I was falling for him too.

2004 - I finished first year. I said "I love you" for the first time. I graduated with great marks, I worked two jobs that summer, one of which confirmed that I wanted a career working with children. I had a tough summer being in a long-distance relationship. I moved into a house with the friends I met in first year.

2005 - We had some awful landlord troubles and decided to live somewhere else for third year (we ended up staying at this new house for 3 years). I passed second year and started loving the courses I was taking even more. I worked two jobs again in the summer and did the long-distance relationship again. I gained a lot of confidence in my job.

2006 - I got straight As. I decided to stay at school in the spring and take an extra course with one of my roommates. We had a blast living together and volunteering that spring. I started fourth year and began to apply to teacher's colleges.

2007 - I waited anxiously by the computer on April 2, to see if I was accepted. My third choice regretted to inform me that I was unfortunately not accepted. The others I applied to would come by mail. My heart was crushed. I was up in my room when I saw the mail carrier walking away, ran downstairs to find 2 large packages addressed to me. I was accepted. I started teacher's college that fall. I had my first teaching placement in a Grade Five classroom. I absolutely loved it, I also learned that not all kids have a good family situation and upbringing and this realization made me cry.

2008 - I had my second teaching placement in a Grade One class and learned that I am meant to teach primary. I received perfect teaching assessments from my placement teachers and counsellors which confirmed for me again that I am meant to teach. I had a falling out with a good friend. This was the year a close family friend committed suicide, my uncle passed away, and my grandma all within a month. I applied to school boards, I went to Europe and I graduated. I moved back home with my family, realized that I owed $30,000 in student loans, I got totally stressed out about this amount and put as much as I could toward this debt. I was promoted at my summer job and took my first additional-qualification course. I had my first (and only) interview and was accepted as a supply teacher. I had a few supply placements and absolutely loved it.

2009 - I taught as often as I could. I made a few big purchases for myself. I borrowed $5000 from my family and paid off the remainder of my student loan with it. I started this blog. I started learning more sign language and fell even more in love with the language. I had a brief stint with trying to learn piano. I learned how to sew. I realized that no matter how old we get there is always more to learn.

2010 - I became debt-free!! I started to save. I broke up with a boyfriend I was with for over 6 years. I had my first interview for an LTO and didn't get accepted :( I started a relationship with a new boyfriend, D. I went on my first couple's vacation with D.

2011 - Here we are. This is the year I move out? This is the year I figure out what I want in life? This is the year I turn 26...I sure hope I can get some things figured out. This is the year I get an LTO? One can dream...

I look forward to the next 10 years :)


  1. Loved your rundown of the last decade, the big things for me in the last ten years have been the birth of my 3 beloved Grandchildren, and the Marriages of both of my children. This next 10 years should see me debt free and retired, don,t know which one I am looking forward to the most.

  2. A lot has happened for you in the last 10 years. My list seems similar to yours... Graduated high school. Graduated university. Entered Masters program. Got my first full-time permanent job. I wonder how we'll be 10 years from now. Hmmm...