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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Price of a Vacation $

We have been back for a week now. Vacations are expensive even if you end up doing the all-inclusive deal.

Our flights, rides to and from the airport, hotel, and food we did through expedia and ended up costing $1031 for two weeks.

Medical insurance was $45.

I spent $620 while there!! Eeek! On what?!?!

Well $350 of it was on becoming open water SCUBA certified. That is good for a lifetime. I also did one additional dive which cost $40.

Then we did some day trips which ranged from $30 to $90 per person. We did a taxi tour of the city and cable ride up the mountain. We went snorkelling on Paradise Island. We did a plantation and a waterfall tour.

Then there were the other "extras" such as coconuts on the beach, drinks at a bar off the resort so we could watch hockey, cigars, rum, coffee, lunch while SCUBA diving, SCUBA pictures, cocao, mamajuana, and other souveniers for friends and family.

I bought an anklet for myself. A bottle of rum and a t-shirt for my dad. Some coffee, cocao, a bracelet, and a t-shirt for my mom. A bracelet for each of my roommates. I also bought some mamajuana to share with my family and another bottle for D. He doesn't know about this so I am going to give it to him for his birthday I think.

All in all the two-week trip cost $1696. Expensive sure, but it was an amazing trip :)


  1. that is a lot of $, but considering it included everything and you stayed for two weeks, I think it's totally worth it - not that I need to convince you of otherwise :p

  2. I actually think you did really good with your trip expenses. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and you'll always have the memories - priceless.

  3. I don't find that expensive!! Not for 2 weeks. My trip to Belgium cost about $4,000 and we only stayed 11 days!

  4. Hubby and I went on a Cruise last year and paid over $2,000 each just for the trip, then we had to fly back home.
    I think you had an amazing holiday for a great price, pat yourself on the back.

  5. It doesn't seem expensive to me either..and having a scuba certification is awesome!!

  6. sounds like you didn't spend too much... it really was the scuba certification that tipped you over. But that's for a lifetime right? So that's totally worth it.