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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life Update

I only worked two half days and one full day this week. So on the two days that I did not work I did some baking. I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter marshmallow squares. Sooo good and really easy. They were a hit in my house.

The next day I made pizza. I made the crust with half whole wheat flour and half all-purpose. It was really good too. I cancelled the healthiness of the whole wheat with a ton of extra cheese. Ah well.

I bought the ingredients with a Wal-Mart card I received for Christmas. So I don't have to include it in my spending for this month right? Do you count your gift card spending in your tracking?

I have been using the Google Docs Spreadsheet to track spending. It's just as good as excel but free and online so can be accessed easier. I like it, thanks for suggesting it!!

D and I hung out every evening. We had a drink at Boston Pizza on Thursday. Last night he had 5 friends get together for the weekend to hang out and play pond hockey. I helped him get some things ready and saw his friends for a bit then left. Too many boys lol. I came home and had some wine with my parents which was nice.

My plans for this weekend are to hopefully finish making my roommates something that should have been done a month ago. I also want to finish my raq quilt. Yes, I am STILL not done. It's sooo close, why do I procrastinate the end so long?!

I finished reading The Girl Who Played With Fire. Definitely better than the first book and have now started the third book. We are going to watch the movie sometime next week. :)

Okay, now to go and be productive...hehe


  1. I like to track my expenses (what I spend on) so yes I have it in there.. but I put a note that it's a gift card so I know it isn't coming out of my income

  2. i have also just started the third book! Only a few chapters in but great so far!

  3. I have finished all three books and enjoyed them all.

    I wouldent be counting money given as a gift in with my spends.

  4. I loved those books! I saw the movie and it was only okay to me. Sounds like a nice relaxing week. Maybe I should do some baking today. It'd be nice to have some cookies to snack on all week. :)