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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last Years Budget and Spending

Well I tracked my spending last year for 10 and a half months. I stopped in November when Excel no longer let me input numbers. I purchased Excel and have the CD but no longer have the product number so the CDs were useless.

Anyway, this is what 10.5 months looked like for me:

I spent approximately $2800 on my car!! Eeek, hopefully less this year. No major car repairs *crosses fingers*

I spent just over $600 on eating out. Most of this was spent in the summer months when D and I went on more dates.

I spent a little over $300 on food. Most of this in the summer and early fall when I did a lot more baking.

I spent about $1000 on CLOTHES?!? Eeek this cannot happen again. I did buy some shoes, and a couple of coats last year but I can't even REMEMBER any other big ticket items! That is just sad.

I spent just under $200 on Education which includes my membership fee, applications, etc.

I spent about $1000 on Personal/Medical which includes prescriptions, dental, make-up, hair. I don't think this will change for 2011.

My phone was about $550. This will likely go up for 2011 if anything if I decide to get a new phone and I added text messaging to my plan last summer.

I spent about $800 on GIFTS. Eeek that seems high too. But I include when I take someone out for lunch or dinner. Also had birthdays, special occasions and a close friend's wedding.

The worst one was $1500 on what I labelled "Everything Else." I cannot even tell you everything that this contained. It was mostly entertainment though (books, going out, drinks, wii and board games, gym, fabric, crafts, toys, movies). Definitely too high. I need to track this one better this year.

I paid off $5000 in debt!

I made the most money in April (income tax!) and least amount in January.

I spent the most money in May. I saved the most money in April and the least amount in January and June (tied).

Hopefully I can do better in 2011!!


  1. This is absolutely why I track my spending. So I can see the big picture in a year and go: WTF??? :)

  2. I really want to track my spending for 2011. First I have to figure out how to set up that kind of a spreadsheet! I really think it will help me see things in perspective.

  3. That certainly gives you a great visual to see how all those monthly expense puzzles fit together.

  4. I started listing out what I labelled as "MISC" in my spreadsheets. SO enlightening! Maybe you should too?

  5. My favorite part is the paying off $5,000 of debt part! Good job. :)

  6. You only spent 300 on food?!?! Luckee. Thats what I spend in a month. You did great this year!

  7. I agree with Ashley look at the big picture, you did really well.

    $300 for Groceries this intrigues me !!!!!

  8. I have just realized that you live at home, so it,s inclusive with your board, my apologies....

  9. AP - I think that I will start to write down what I actually spent in that section. It was just too high last year!

    Yeah the living at home definitely keeps the grocery budget down.