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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Missed Pay

In the summer my paycheques were all messed up at the rec centre. The paystub would say a certain pay period but then it would actually be two weeks behind. It was confusing and frustrating. Anyway I worked 2 days in November and two days in December for the rec centre.

I noticed that I did not receive the second November pay which was for 9.75 hours. I thought maybe the pay system was still messed up and so I waited. It did not work itself out so I contacted my boss last night.

She told me today that I was correct and that November pay was missing so they are going to add it to my next paycheque. I'm glad I caught it. But it makes you think that maybe this has happened before and gone unnoticed.

Anyway, I'm teaching this afternoon so it should be a good day.


  1. It's really important when you substitute/supply teach to document well which school, which district/division/ what day. All of that will affect your years of service and eligibility for pension as you move up the employment chain.

    I still have all my books where I kept track, from when I substitute taught.

  2. Oh yes I have all of that recorded. The missed pay this time was from the rec centre I sometimes work at. It's much less professional than teaching but helps supplement my income. Barely, but it helps.

    It's also interesting to look back on those supply notes...how many days I taught each month etc. Cool to see the trends.

  3. I write down any extra hours I do at work and the date, as our Boss is notorious for getting it wrong. but I hate to have to go into his Office with cap in hand and ask for whats rightly mine. I find it embarrassing.

  4. I'm salaried so I don't have to do the same level of due diligence. But from all of my previous jobs where I was paid per hour, I know that there were tons of mess ups. I was never overpaid, but have caught being underpaid on my paycheque plenty of times. Once the employer had closed down the location where I worked at, and just ignored my claims until I told them that I contacted my dad's lawyer about it (I lied), and then I got a quick response and a nice cheque :)

    What I always found really confusing was being paid way AFTER having worked for certain periods. So maybe I can't fault the employers for messing up, but it really does pay to stay on top of it though, you gotta look out for yourself!